Use Classic ROI to Shapefile to convert selected .roi files to shapefiles that you can use for classification training data.

  1. From the Toolbox, select Vector > Classic ROI to Shapefile. The Enter ROI Filenames dialog appears.
  2. Select one or more ROI files, then click Open. Each file will be converted into a separate classification training data shapefile.
  3. In the Select Data File Associated with ROIs dialog, select the appropriate data file. Map information is taken from this file and associated with the output shapefile(s).
  4. Select an output directory in the Browse for Folder dialog.
  5. Click OK. Once complete, there will be a new polygon type shapefile for each input ROI file.

If no map information is available, the shapefile will be generated without a projection (.prj) file; the shapefile will have no projection and will be pixel-based.

See Also

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