Information on the compliance of IDL’s DICOM Network Services and the IDLffDicomEx object to the DICOM standard are provided in the IDL DICOM Confomance Statement PDF, located in the INSTALL_DIR\IDLxx\help\online_help\Subsystems\dicomex\Content\PDF directory.

IDL, the IDL DICOM toolkit, and the contents of the IDL documentation are not marketed as products with FDA Section 510(k) premarket notification nor have they been reviewed by any other regulatory agency from any other country. As is, IDL, the IDL DICOM toolkit, and the contents of the IDL documentation, are intended for educational, research, and third party application developers. If IDL and the DICOM toolkit, or information derived from them, are to be used as part of an application for clinical purposes, such as for treating or diagnosing human subjects, it is the responsibility of the LICENSEE to determine the need for and to obtain the appropriate regulatory reviews before such usage. L3Harris Geospatial Solutions maintains engineering and quality control records suitable for review by a regulatory agency. We reserve the right to recover costs incurred during a regulatory review from the LICENSEE. We shall not be liable for any damages arising out of the use of IDL or the DICOM toolkit by any party for any purpose.