Use SPOT Build Geometry File to build a SPOT geometry file to calculate the x and y coordinates for each pixel. You may select the desired projection for the coordinates.

You can georeference the SPOT data by using the results from this procedure as the IGM input file in the Georeferencing from Input Geometry function.

  1. Open a SPOT file by selecting File > Open As > Optical Sensors > SPOT >data_type from the menu bar.
  2. Select Geometric Correction > Build Geometry File by Sensor > SPOT Build Geometry File from the Toolbox. The Input SPOT Image dialog appears.
  3. Select the SPOT image file.
  4. Click OK. The Build IGM for SPOT Data dialog appears.
  5. Select the desired map projection for the x,y coordinates by selecting a projection type from the list.
  6. Enter an optional Avg Scene Elevation (Meters) value.
  7. Enter the Number of Base Points for X and Y.

    These values are the number of points that are calculated, and all other x and y coordinates are interpolated from these points. You may select a number of base points up to the number of samples and lines in your image. If you select fewer base points, they will be evenly spaced throughout the image.

    Note: Using a large number of base points will increase the processing time considerably.

  8. Select output to File or Memory.
  9. Enter or choose an output filename.
  10. Click OK. ENVI extracts the needed information from the SPOT leader file and adds the resulting output to the Layer Manager.