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Select Targets

Select Targets

The Target Selection panel represents step 2 in the workflow. Here, you will select spectra to use as targets.

The Target Spectra section is an embedded version of the Endmember Collection dialog. It contains the following options:

  • Click File > Save spectra as to save a selected spectrum displayed in the Endmember Spectra table to either an ASCII, spectral library, or Endmember Collection file. You can import any spectra saved to these types of files back into the Wizard by clicking Import.
  • Click Import to import spectra from ASCII, ASD, spectral library, ROI, EVF, statistics, or Endmember Collection files.
  • Click Options to modify the names and the colors of the spectra presented in the Endmember Spectra table.

The Target Spectra section also contains a table that displays the spectra you have selected.

  1. Collect spectra by importing them or by dragging-and-dropping them into the table. You must collect at least one spectrum to continue in the Wizard.
  2. To select a specific spectrum in the table, click its related row number column on the far left. You must highlight the entire row. You cannot select a spectrum by clicking its Spectrum Name column. You can select multiple spectra using Shift or Ctrl. Or, click Select All to select all the spectra in the table.
  3. Click Plot to display the selected spectra in a separate plot window.
  4. Click Delete to delete any selected spectra.
  5. Click Next in the Wizard. The Background Selection and Rejection panel appears.

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