The Select Input/Output Files panel represents step 1 in the workflow. Here, you will specify the input file and the root name of the output files for the Wizard.

  1. Click Select Input File. The Input File dialog appears.
  2. Select an input file. The SAM Target Finder with BandMax Wizard usually assumes you are using reflectance data. However, if you use radiance data, the error is generally not very significant because the origin is still near zero.
  3. Click OK. The root name is automatically specified as the output root name.
  4. To specify a different root name, click Select Output Root Name. The Select Output Files Root Name dialog appears.
  5. Specify the root name and path of the output files created throughout the Wizard. If files with the specified root name already exist, you are prompted to allow the Wizard to delete these files and continue. The files will be overwritten. If you do not want to overwrite the files, click No and specify a different root name in the Select Output Files Root Name dialog.
  6. Click Next in the Wizard. The Target Selection panel appears.