You can add annotations to mark places of interest in the Main window. The annotation can be text that you enter, it can be the coordinates of the area being annotated, or it can be a combination of both. Annotations appear in the Main window.

You can also measure the distance between two points and add the result as an annotation to the view. See Measure the Difference Between Two Points for details.

To add an annotation:

  1. Double-click the location to annotate and select New Text Annotation. The Add Text Annotation dialog appears.
  2. Enter the text in the Text field, or click Paste Location Text to populate the field with the coordinates of the location you double-clicked. The coordinate system is in the default UTM format, or the format you selected from the status bar.
  3. To change the background color of an annotation to make it more visible, click Color. Select a different color in the Color dialog that appears. The text color will be white or black, depending on which provides the best contrast from the background.
  4. Click OK.

To edit or delete an annotation, double-click the text and select Edit Text Annotation. The Edit Text Annotation dialog appears:

  • Edit the text, then click Save.
  • To edit the annotation background color, click Color. Select a different color in the Color dialog that appears, then click Save.
  • Delete the annotation by clicking Delete. You can also delete an annotation by double-clicking the text in the Main window and selecting Delete Text Annotation.