Tips to Create a Log File for GSF Jobs


By default, GSF does not generate a log file when running a Job. To generate a log for each GSF job that is launched, the GSF config file has to be modified/updated. Please find below instructions on how to modify such config files in GSF.

The GSF configuration file is in the below directory:

<GSF_INSTALL_DIR>/gsf30/ for Linux

<GSF_INSTALL_DIR>\gsf30\ for Windows

It is called config.json.


The following lines need to be added to this configuration file

      "engineLog": "envi-engine.log",

      "jobExecutionLog": "envi-jobExecution.log"


  • The above lines need to be added in the “engines” part of the config file
  • Logs are configurable by engine type.  If you want a log to be created for several engines, the above lines should be added in each Engine definition. See the example below for idl-service-engine and envi-service-engine
  • Specify only a filename -not a path- for both Engine and JobExecution logs.  For example, envi-engine.log and envi-jobExecution.log
  • Logs are generated per job and will be saved in the job workspace.
  • Make sure to restart the GSF service to have config file changes apply.


Here is an example of the logs configured for idl-service-engine and envi-service-engine. The added lines are in blue.

Note: a comma (in red) needs to be added at the end of line above the new log lines

  "engines": [


      "type": "@vis/idl-service-engine",

      "enginePathLinux": "/usr/local/harris/envi56/idl88/bin/taskengine",

      "engineLog": "idl-engine.log",

      "jobExecutionLog": "idl-jobExecution.log"




      "type": "@vis/envi-service-engine",

      "enginePathLinux": "/usr/local/harris/envi56/idl/bin/taskengine",

      "engineLog": "envi-engine.log",

      "jobExecutionLog": "envi-jobExecution.log"




After running a GSF job you can display the logs from the GSF console by clicking on View Log on the right of each job line. You can then select the log you want to display in the top menu “Select a log File




created by BC on 11/24/2021

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