ENVI and IDL Legacy Versions Installer Downloads

ENVI 5.3 SP2 and IDL 8.5.2 product downloads (including the legacy license manager service) are only available by request, though Technical Support or your local distributor.  Provided access for these downloads will be available from our Download and Licensing portal.

The IDL 8.5.2, ENVI 5.3 SP2 is a combined installer that allows installation of both ENVI and/or IDL. Your licensing determines which products and modules you can run. For licensing and installation, please refer to the instructions on the download page.  Further information can be found in the legacy Licensing and Installation FAQ.

For IDL Virtual Machine users, no license is necessary. For information on using the IDL VM, please refer to: The IDL Virtual Machine.

Currently, ENVI 5.3.2/IDL8.5.2 are the oldest installers L3Harris Geospatial supports.  Please take note of the supported platforms for this version when considering running a legacy version.

If you need an older legacy version of ENVI or IDL, a special request can be made in some circumstances.

To request access to these downloads in your account, contact L3Harris Geospatial Technical Support or your local distributor.



Created 5/25/2021 - mm

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