How to configure the Flexnet License Server on Linux to use a different temporary directory


By default on Linux, the Flexnet License Server for ENVI/IDL will require wide open permissions on the /tmp directory to create and manage temporary files.

In other words, both of the following default conditions must be met:

  1. The /tmp directory must have 777 permissions
  2. The /tmp directory cannot be mounted with the “noexec” flag. You can verify this mount setting in the /etc/fstab file.



If permissions are not adequate, the service may not start properly, returning a “permission denied” error when attempting to start:


$ service flexnetls-idl_lmgrd start

  bash: /usr/local/harris/flexnetls_2017.08.0/jre/bin/java: Permission denied


You may also note that the flexnetls.log file, located in /var/opt/flexnetls/idl_lmgrd/logs, may contain the following error message:


ERROR Native code loading error

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /tmp/llsnc-2017.08-amd64-libconnector.so: /tmp/llsnc-2017.08-amd64-libconnector.so: failed to map segment from shared object: Operation not permitted



Consider altering the permissions to meet both conditions mentioned earlier, if possible. IMPORTANT: Be sure to consult your local system administrator before making any changes to permissions!


1)      As root, change permissions on /tmp to be 777:

$  chmod a+ 777 /tmp


2)     Remove the “noexec” mount flag for /tmp in the /etc/fstab file. Here is an example of what the relevant lines in that file may look like:


$  cat /etc/fstab

/dev/mapper/vg_001-lv_tmp /tmp         ext4    nodev,nosuid,noexec        1 2

/tmp    /var/tmp        none    bind    0 0


With root privileges, in a plain text editor update the /etc/stab file to remove the “noexec” setting.

Save and close the modified file.

Then remount the /tmp directory to have the changes take effect.


$  mount -o remount /tmp



If changing the /tmp directory permissions is not an option in your environment, you can configure the Flexnet License Server to instead write the temporary file llsnc-2017.08-amd64-libconnector.so to an alternative location, for example to /var/tmp or another acceptable directory, by doing the following:


1)  Stop the flexnetls-idl_lmgrd service


$  sudo service flexnetls-idl_lmgrd stop


2)  Delete the following file (if it exists):




3)  Edit the file /etc/default/ flexnetls-idl_lmgrd with a plain text editor using root privileges, uncommenting the last line and adding this setting to point to an alternative temporary directory:




Close and save the modified file.


4)  Restart the flexnetls-idl_lmgrd service


$  sudo service flexnetls-idl_lmgrd start


With these changes made, the service should start up and function normally.


Created by BCNA 4/15/2021, Reviewed by JU 04/15/2021

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