L3Harris Geospatial product support for the Apple Silicon (ARM-based) macOS platform

Apple has announced that it will manufacture ARM-based Apple Silicon macOS computers that are expected to be gradually introduced into their product line beginning in late 2020. L3Harris Geospatial is investigating the details around providing compatible software for this new platform, Mac M1. 

We have been accepted to participate in the Apple Developer Test Kit program and that will greatly help our understanding. We believe we are in the same situation as most other developers of specialty Mac software where this platform port will not be trivial. The current version of IDL relies on other libraries such as MOTIF, OpenGL, Java Eclipse and XQuartz, which further complicates the matter. As a long-time Apple development partner, we don’t expect the market to make a rapid transition to this new platform. 

When we have further news about support for this new Mac platform, we will let our Mac users know the details. We appreciate your patience with us on this investigation. 
(This article will be updated when we have more information on this topic.)



Written 11/13/2020 JU , Reviewed MM. Last updated 2/5/2021. 

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