How to activate my local License using the Harris License Administrator (HLA)


Note: The license activation is an online process that requires an internet connection. Please contact Technical Support if your Machine has no Internet access.


After your file(s) have downloaded successfully from the D&LC, follow the prompts to continue the installation. 
Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to run the Harris License Administrator to implement your activation code/s to license your software - select yes. 

You can also open the Harris License Administrator Tool, by using one of the following:
•    Windows: From the Start menu, select Tools > Harris License Administrator under the shortcut group for your product installation.
        Administrator privileges are required.
•    Linux: From a terminal window, launch the harrislicense command from the INSTALL_DIR/envixx/idlxx/bin directory.
​        Sudo or root permissions are required.
•    Mac: From a Finder window, double-click the LicenseAdminstrator.app icon located under the INSTALL_DIR/envixx/idlxx directory.
​        Administrator privileges are required.

Armed with your Activation Code/s from your Order email, select "Activate Local Licenses" in the HLA Tool to license your software as local.
Type or paste the code/s into the box, update quantity field (if applicable) and select "Activate". 

Once you receive the activation confirmation, your software is now licensed and can be used!
Active Licenses can be viewed by clicking on “View Licenses”. 


If the activation failed, you will receive an error. The appearing error can be found, by clicking on “View Log”.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Technical Support and send us the full output of "View Log".




written by MT on 07/10/2020

reviewed by MM on 7/16/2020


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