How to download my Harris products from the Download & License Center (D&LC)


Below is a quick start guide to download your Harris products once you have received your initial Welcome and Order email. 


Note: Only a “License Administrator” or an “Authorized License Administrator” of a valid Maintenance Contract (currently under Maintenance) will have access to the D&LC.

After receiving your Welcome Email/Maintenance Contract Email and therefore creating a password for your account you can enter the Download and License Center (D&LC): https://harrisgeospatial.flexnetoperations.com

At the bottom of the main page, under "Browse My Software and Documentation", you will find a list of downloadable products based on your current license activation codes. 

Select “Harris” first to view your appropriate product List. After confirming the needed Product, you will be forwarded to the list of current releases: 

Download the needed Product for your Operating System:

For further information, please visit our FAQ Help Article, which will answer to the most common questions.

Once the download and installation is successful, you will be prompted to license the product.
If you have any questions, please have a look at our Help Article for Local Activation.

written by MT on 07/10/2020

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