Licensing 3.1.7 Release Notes

What's New in This Release

This release corrected known issues.

Fixed Issues

CLL-299 Running the ./activate -l command on MAC 10.10 caused system_profiler errors.
CLL-306 Changing the device ID on Windows machines caused issues.
CLL-309 Extraneous IDL and ENVI "Device node not found" errors ocurred on Linux. The error prevented GSF and the taskengine from functioning.
CLL-310 When activating ENVI or IDL on Linux using the activate command, the activation appeared to fail even though it was successful.
CLL-315 TFRD was prompting twice, once for a missing license and then for a missing install.
CLL-317 FlexNet License Server 2017.08 performance was poor on Linux.
CLL-327 License server database file and Java errors prevented the license server to deliver licenses.
ENVI-71172 Using OpenRaster on a CIB file failed with embedded licensing.
ENVI-71385 The FNLS 2017.08 service name changed to "flexnetlsw.exe" on Windows. A documentation update was needed.
IDL-69886 The Show All Feature Details option in the License Administrator was not listing all features.
IDL-69930 The JRE version included with ENVI 5.4.1 and 5.5, and IDL version 8.6.1 and 8.7 had vulnerabilities.
IDL-69966 The Harris FlexNet License Server Admin guides (Windows/Linux) needed to include hardware requirements.
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