How to re-host/transfer a local License

Below are instructions on how to use the Harris License Administrator Tool to transfer/rehost a license.

Licenses remain activated on a computer until you deactivate them.
Therefore, it is necessary to deactivate the license on the original computer first in order to reactivate the license on a new computer using the appropriate activation code.

If you cannot deactivate the license on the old computer, e.g. because the old computer is no longer accessible to you, please contact Technical Support and explain the exact situation.

- You can only activate a license, if it is currently under maintenance!
Please be sure your Maintenance Contract is currently under Maintenance before deactivating a License, otherwise you are no longer able to activate your License on any Machine.

- It is not possible to deactivate/activate your Licenses inside the D&LC (Download and License Center).
You need to deactivate your License directly on your Machine with the Help of your Harris License Administrator Tool.

To open the Harris License Administrator Tool, please use one of the following:

  • Windows: From the Start menu, select Tools > Harris License Administrator under the shortcut group for your product installation.
       Administrator privileges are required.
  • Linux: From a terminal window, launch the harrislicense command from the INSTALL_DIR/envixx/idlxx/bin directory.
       Sudo or root permissions are required.
  • Mac: From a Finder window, double-click the LicenseAdminstrator.app icon located under the INSTALL_DIR/envixx/idlxx directory.
       Administrator privileges are required.

Deactivate Licenses

To deactivate licenses:

  1. In the Harris License Administrator tool, click Deactivate Local License.
  2. Use the check boxes to select the individual activation codes to deactivate, or enable the Select all check box to deactivate all activation codes.
  3. Click Deactivate.
  4. Click Close to exit the tool.


Activate Licenses

To activate licenses:

  1. In the Harris License Administrator tool, click Activate Local Licenses.
  2. Enter (or copy and paste) the activation codes from your product order email into the text box provided. The text box allows one activation code per line; press the Enter key after entering each code to start a new line.
  3. Enter the Quantity of licenses you are entitled to.
  4. Click Activate. A message appears when the codes are successfully activated. To view details on the activated licenses for the computer, click View Licenses. See View Licenses and Feature Details for more information.
  5. Click Close to exit the tool.

Help Article: How to activate my local License using the Harris License Administrator (HLA)

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about re-hosting your license to a new computer, please contact Technical Support for further assistance.


Written by DB 12/6/2016, edited by MT 07/17/2020
Reviewed by MM 7/16/2020


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