ENVI Fixed Issues

This help article provides a history of fixed issues in ENVI. See the following sections:

ENVI 5.6

Issue Description
ENVI-65880 ENVIView::GetExtent did not account for interactive or API rotation of views.
ENVI-70711 MetOp-A AVHRR Level-1B images were not properly calibrated.
ENVI-70716 Hyperion HDF performance was very slow.
ENVI-71320 The "Create Classification Image from ROIs" tool failed with large images.
ENVI-71593 ENVI issued an error when opening Sentinel-3 .nc files.
ENVI-71798 ENVI did not open all bands of WorldView-3 Superspectral 16-band imagery.
ENVI-71938 AVHRR/MetOp-A calibration coefficients needed to be updated.
ENVI-71986 ENVIROIStatisticsTask failed when the ROI only included one pixel.
ENVI-72007 Rasters with data-ignore values of -1e34 did not retain this value when exported to TIFF format.
ENVI-72026 ENVI could not read BIL datasets included in PRISMA HDF5 files.
ENVI-72058 Executing "e = ENVI(/CURRENT)" at the IDL command line produced an undefined variable error.
ENVI-72059 ENVI froze after destroying a second ENVI object referenced to the first one.
ENVI-72101 A "file cannot be opened" message appeared when opening some NPP VIIRS data files, even though the files opened as expected.
ENVI-72120 Shapefiles with ground truth could not be imported into Feature Extraction.
ENVI-72153 Radiometric calibration of WorldView data was incorrect.
ENVI-72179 Opening WorldView-2 data returned an "Invalid tile offsets" error.
CLASSIC-68574 Output distances from the Transect tool were inaccurate.

ENVI 5.5.3

Issue Description
ENVI-71917 ENVI could not open WorldView-2 data using the .TIL file.
ENVI-71907 ENVI issued an error message when trying to open recently purchased WorldView-3 and WorldView-4 images.
ENVI-71809 Intersection and Union options were swapped in the Build Layer Stack tool.
ENVI-71800 Errors were issued while calculating statistics for raster color slices.
ENVI-71019 WorldView-3 default Radiometric Calibration coefficients within .IMD metadata were inaccurate.
ENVI-70414 CN Spectral Sharpening produced an incorrect image.

ENVI 5.5.2

Issue Description
ENVI-71566 The Seamless Mosaic GUI could not be expanded.
ENVI-71665 The requirement for pyramids in Stretch on View Extent was not documented in the help.
ENVI-71647 The ENVI Modeler tutorial file crashed with a "key does not exist" error message.
ENVI-71665 The requirement of building pyramids to use "Stretch on View Extents" was not documented in the help.
ENVI-71669 Permissions settings in the Linux RPM file installer prevented the ENVI task engine process from using buffer licensing or a manually installed server licensing file.
ENVI-71670 The Seamless Mosaic tool could not handle long filenames or pathnames.
ENVI-71673 ROI/EVF options were not available in the Compute Statistics tool even if an ROI was loaded.
ENVI-71677 ENVITopographicModelingTask returned NaN output raster data values.
ENVI-71714 Sentinel-2 filter functions did not match those of ESA for 2A or 2B.
ENVI-71716 Setting a data ignore value on PNG images with alpha channels set all data values to 0.
ENVI-71742 The Attribute Viewer for vectors did not display Japanese characters correctly.
ENVI-71746 The default kernel size in the Topographic Modeling tool changed from 3 to 2, which resulted in empty output.
ENVI-71774 The ENVINITFMetadata API routine swapped TRE values and description fields.

ENVI 5.5.1

ENVI-71001 Using the Export View To > Image menu option resulted in artifacts in large files.
ENVI-71356 The automated Spectral Hourglass Wizard did not progress when the input file had XSTART/YSTART values defined in the header.
ENVI-71389 More documentation was needed on which ENVITasks accept masked input.
ENVI-71394 The SPEAR Metadata Viewer issued an error message when reading NITF 2.0/2.1 files.
ENVI-71396 The help topic for ENVI Py did not mention permissions when creating toolboxes in ArcGIS Pro.
ENVI-71397 The TOPO_DOIT routine produced different results than the Topographic Modeling tool and ENVITopographicModelingTask.
ENVI-71398 The Transformed Difference Vegetation Index (TDVI) implemented the wrong equation and was documented incorrectly.
ENVI-71405 The Edit Metadata dialog did not provide the ability to import RPCs from another image.
ENVI-71411 Output filenames in the Dice Raster by Distance tool contained the wrong column/line order.
ENVI-71413 Map coordinates were incorrect when saving bands to ASCII x,y,z format.
ENVI-71418 The ENVIColorSliceClassificationTask topic needed more clarification about the use of color tables.
ENVI-71558 Exporting images with no spatial reference to PCI (.pix) format resulted in error messages about invalid pixel sizes.

ENVI 5.5

CLASSIC-46388 The eigenvector table was not properly labeled.
ENVI-71084 Wavelengths and FWHM values differed between WorldView-3 and WorldView-2.
ENVI-71127 The Dataset Browser did not read lat/lon scale factors.
ENVI-71129 QUAC issued error messages with hyperspectral images in NITF format.
ENVI-71218 ENVI Classic ROIs from an old hyperspectral tutorial would not open in ENVI.
ENVI-71221 ENVI did not clean up .MOD files after running SVM classification.
ENVI-71242 Opening a JPEG file with a world file (JGW) delayed the prompt for selecting a projection.
ENVI-71249 Some ASD spectra were not importing correctly by not applying valid scale factors to raw data.
ENVI-71254 The Metadata Viewer listed incorrect radiance values for Sentinel-2A Level-1C data.
ENVI-71260 The ENVIRasterLayer::Export method did not export more than one image when multiple images were displayed.
ENVI-71268 ENVIEqualizationStretchRaster failed with floating-point rasters.
ENVI-71273 The Class Statistics tool failed with classes that contained no data.
ENVI-71302 ROI statistics calculations ignored data ignore values.
ENVI-71310 ENVIRasterMetadataItemTask changed its return value from 5.3 to 5.4, breaking code examples.
ENVI-71341 1D geometry bands were not applied when opening HDF5 data using the Dataset Browser.
ENVI-71345 Templates were not retaining interleave selection from the Dataset Browser.
ENVI-71347 The "Change Interleave" description in the "Open Hierarchical Data" help topic needed clarification.
ENVI-71350 A preference setting broke band animation.
LIDAR-69031 Importing a reference shapefile issues an error that the shapefile is out of boundaries.

ENVI 5.4

ENVI-68871 RPC orthorectification of GeoEye geo-stereo products produced incorrect output.
ENVI-69146 IDL crashed upon exiting the ENVI LiDAR viewer.
ENVI-70472 ENVI could not read specific PCI .pix files.
ENVI-70673 The NDVI tool crashed with AVIRIS data when the sensor type was not set to AVIRIS in the header file.
ENVI-70708 The ENVIRPCOrthorectificationTask routine did not preserve acquisition time metadata.
ENVI-70712 Using the Reproject GLT with Bowtie Correction tool with MODIS imagery resulted in line artifacts.
ENVI-70755 The EXTERNAL_TYPE keyword to ENVI::OpenRaster did not support SRTM DEM files.
ENVI-70790 ENVI did not read and display Sentinel-2 data correctly that was downloaded from the Sentinel Scientific Data Hub.
ENVI-70791 ENVI computed ROI statistics incorrectly from Gaofen-1 and -2 datasets.
ENVI-70814 Nearest-neighbor pixel resizing did not work as expected.
ENVI-70816 ENVIGainOffsetRaster did not accept scalars for gain/offset values in a single-band raster.
ENVI-70817 ENVI did not save WorldView-3 SWIR NITF data to NITF format.
ENVI-70819 Confusion matrices used XSTART and YSTART values instead of map information to determine image overlap.
ENVI-70820 ENVI did not preserve the data ignore value when writing files to TIFF format.
ENVI-70825 The RPCOrthorectification routine did not preserve acquisition time in TIL files.
ENVI-70832 The Export View to Image File menu option produced tiling artifacts if the view was rotated.
ENVI-70835 Gram-Schmidt pan sharpening did not work correctly when the low-resolution raster belonged to a time series.
ENVI-70838 ENVI did not read ASTER Level-1A data as a recognized ASTER product.
ENVI-70840 ENVI Classic did not support the Web Mercator map projection.
ENVI-70846 Entering a GCP with invalid coordinates issued the wrong error message in Rigorous Orthorectification.
ENVI-70853 ENVI issued an error message upon running Class Statistics on a new class.
ENVI-70855 The ROI Tool flickered between tabs after removing a raster and adding one to the Layer Manager.
ENVI-70856 The Query Spectral Indices dialog issued error messages.
ENVI-70861 ENVI could not open Enterprise geodatabase files through the API.
ENVI-70870 The ENVIReprojectRaster routine lost classification information.
ENVI-70873 A table in the THOR Material Identification help topic was incorrect.
ENVI-70887 The Layer Stacking tool did not respect data ignore values when the input rasters had the same values.
ENVI-70890 The Rigorous Orthorectification tool could not orthorectify ADS40 data.
ENVI-70892 The NDVI tool used Landsat TM default bands with WorldView-2 data.
ENVI-70900 The correct order of geo points metadata was not documented.
ENVI-70905 The DEM Extraction tool forced users to reduce the parallax to a certain threshold before allowing them to proceed through the workflow.
ENVI-70909 With ENVIQueryTaskTask, the order of the returned parameters did not match the order in the dynamic user interface.
ENVI-70920 The Seamless Mosaic tool failed with two calibrated AVHRR images.
ENVI-70921 The QUAC tool was inconsistently setting some pixels to NoData values.
ENVI-70922 The Spectral Indices tool did not always honor NoData pixel values.
ENVI-70929 ENVI did not ignore bad pixel values in NPP VIIRS data, so the data did not geolocate correctly.
ENVI-70930 Georeferenced NPP VIIRS data with nearest-neighbor interpolation showed unexpected pixel values.
ENVI-70936 Sentinel-2 spectral response data was incorrect.
ENVI-70942 Users could not access Sentinel-2 acquisition time metadata in the ENVI API.
ENVI-70948 ENVI did not restore some files in the Example-Based Feature Extraction workflow.
ENVI-70960 SPEAR pan-sharpening results did not export to NITF format.
ENVI-70961 The Image Registration workflow froze during processing.
ENVI-70965 The Band Animation tool did not resize correctly when displaying long band names.
ENVI-70976 The default value was 1 for the "Degree of Kernel Polynomial" parameter for Support Vector Machine classification in Feature Extraction. A better value is 2.
ENVI-70985 ENVI did not generate tie points with virtual rasters.
ENVI-70988 ENVIMaskRasterTask did not assign floating-point numbers with non-zero decimal digits as the data-ignore value.
LIDAR-68745 Generated DEMs contained some artifacts.
LIDAR-69071 ENVI could not write LAS files larger than 2 GB.
LIDAR-69077 The "Save This Project as" option did not work in the Project Properties dialog.
LIDAR-69078 The "Load Palette" drop-down list was empty in the Height Palette editor.
LIDAR-69097 Changing the Products Folder was difficult in the processing dialog because the cursor jumped to the end of the line.
LIDAR-69100 The Point inspector did not give the correct intensity values in QA mode.
LIDAR-69101 Generated DEMs were incorrect when reprojection was applied on output.
LIDAR-69107 Parts of the Navigate window were missing in the ENVI LiDAR application on Windows 10 platforms.
LIDAR-69108 Simultaneous processing of trees and powerlines yielded poor results.
LIDAR-69109 The UTM Zone calculation was incorrect in the ENVI LiDAR application.
LIDAR-69110 Products pushed from ENVI LiDAR to ENVI opened a new session instead of using the current session.
LIDAR-69114 ENVI LiDAR crashed if you reprocessed a dataset with some of the previous results locked by another program.
LIDAR-69115 You could not select NAD83 as the datum for UTM projections in the Convert Format dialog or Select Coordinate System dialog.
LIDAR-69116 Exported products from the Southern Hemisphere were not correctly georeferenced.
LIDAR-69122 The File > Open menu option in ENVI LiDAR did not remember the folder containing the last opened dataset.
LIDAR-69124 IDL crashed when reading.LAZ files from AgerPoint, using the ENVI API.

ENVI 5.3.1

ENVI-69078 Seamless Mosaic feathering resulted in missing data when the input scene footprints had self-intersecting polygons.
ENVI-70094 Using the Seamless Mosaic tool with Landsat 8 data and automatic seamline generation resulted in a large area of missing data.
ENVI-70164 The ENVIRaster::GetData method returned too many bands when using complex data and passing in the PIXEL_STATE keyword.
ENVI-70251 The Raster Color Slice tool's Export to Class Image function produced an image that was not readable by ENVIClassificationAggregationTask.
ENVI-70266 The Dataset Browser did not support HDF5 one-dimensional datasets.
ENVI-70423 The Change RGB Bands option did not honor the Zoom Interpolation Method preference.
ENVI-70496 The Layer Stacking tool did not preserve gains and offsets.
ENVI-70529 An error occurred when opening a Windows raster series catalog file on Linux.
ENVI-70534 The Cursor Value tool incorrectly reported 'NoData' when multiple arbitrary map-based rasters were displayed.
ENVI-70550 The ENVIRasterMetadata object issued a confusing error message when setting a one-element array for field names.
ENVI-70553 An error occurred when opening ESRI layer files on Windows 64-bit systems.
ENVI-70554 Reprojected RPC rasters displayed the wrong bounding box when a layer was selected.
ENVI-70556 The version number was missing from the ENVI startup screen.
ENVI-70561 ENVI crashed if a classification file was edited during a workflow.
ENVI-70568 The NNDiffuse Pan Sharpening dialog did not show OK and Cancel buttons.
ENVI-70571 An error occurred when setting the INPUT_BINSIZE property on ENVIRasterHistogramTask.
ENVI-70575 ENVIMetaspectralRaster issued an error message if the input rasters did not have wavelength unit metadata.
ENVI-70583 ALSAT-2A bands were not listed in increasing wavelength order in the Data Manager.
ENVI-70586 The Metadata Viewer did not include units in the Spectral node.
ENVI-70587 Acquisition time metadata was missing when ENVI read Landsat 8 data.
ENVI-70588 An error occurred when dragging and dropping a file from the Data Manager to the Layer Manager when the file icon passed over a portal icon in the Layer Manager.
ENVI-70595 Users could not select a mask for QUAC processing.
ENVI-70598 Using the Edit Class Names and Colors tool resulted in a loss of map projection information.
ENVI-70597 Searching for "measure", "measurement", and "distance" in the ENVI Help did not locate the Mensuration tool topic.
ENVI-70599 SPEAR Change Detection: 2CMV output colors were reversed when saving to NITF.
ENVI-70608 Acquisition time metadata was missing when ENVI read the *.orientation.xml file for ZY-1-02C and ZY-3 data.
ENVI-70612 ENVI crashed when reading TIFF files with invalid map information.
ENVI-70613 Raster color slices did not update until the image was moved or turned off/on in the Layer Manager.
ENVI-70621 Selecting a single band for the Map Variable to Input File field in Band Math caused an error.
ENVI-70623 Calibration to radiance generated incorrect results when rasters contained data-ignore values.
ENVI-70627 Some Sentinel-2 data displayed different bands for different granules.
ENVI-70631 Manipulating the display with Sentinel-2 data resulted in slow performance.
ENVI-70633 The Quick Stats tool did not take into account the data ignore value when calculating histogram statistics.
ENVI-70634 Data values were incorrect when displaying multiple raster layers when one is rotated.
ENVI-70637 Spectral subsetting in the Spectral Hourglass Wizard gave different results with MTMF, compared to subsetting before using the Wizard.
ENVI-70645 Using the Seamless Mosaic tool with Landsat 8 data and feathering resulted in missing data or clear-cut borders.
ENVI-70646 The ENVILinearPercentStretchRaster routine returned all zeros if the input raster had a data-ignore value or mask.
ENVI-70653 Example code in the ENVIRasterHistogramTask help topic did not work correctly.
ENVI-70655 The Geocorrect and Mitigate Bowtie Effect tool did not open all bands in NPP VIIRS HDF5 files. ENVI builds new pyramid files with different names than before. Please delete any old pyramid files that were generated for NPP VIIRS files.
ENVI-70657 Global spatial statistics used an arbitrary lag distance limit of 1/4 of the image.
ENVI-70661 The ENVI Help listed major and minor frame offsets as header items, but ENVI did not use them.
ENVI-70670 The Quick Stats text showed Min +/- StdDev instead of Mean +/- StdDev.
ENVI-70674 The ENVISpectralIndexTask routine did not respect input masks.
ENVI-70676 The Image Registration option to Accept as Individual Points was never enabled when entering new point vector layers.
LIDAR-69066 The Correction with Contour tool could not remove phantom peaks from DSMs.
LIDAR-69073 Launching the 3D Viewer from the ENVI LiDAR menu resulted in a Windows application error.
LIDAR-69074 The height legend did not display.
LIDAR-69088 An error was issued while opening an ENVI LiDAR project from within ENVI.

ENVI 5.3

CLASSIC-68552 In FLAASH, the "Automatically Save Template File" and "Output Diagnostic Files" parameters in the Advanced Settings page were not written to the template file.
CLASSIC-68551 ENVI Classic did not recognize projections in TIFF files that the ENVI API could.
CLASSIC-68537 ENVI Classic issued a READU error with ENVI_EXTRACT_DEM_DOIT.
CLASSIC-68483 ASCII XYZ output had six columns rather than three.
CLASSIC-46337 ENVI Classic did not correctly orient georeferenced ASAR imagery.
  Documentation included an invalid formula for calculating the kappa coefficient.
ENVI-70530 ENVI issued an OSELECTED error when closing a file, if bands were selected in the Data Manager.
ENVI-70524 ENVI issued an error and crashed when running ENVI Classic tools if the Display Errors on Screen preference was set to No.
ENVI-70516 ENVI issued an error when editing 2D polygon shapefiles.
ENVI-70514 The Series/Animation Manager menu item was disabled even when series layers were selected in the Layer Manager.
ENVI-70513 ENVI crashed when the Band Animation dialog was closed during playback.
ENVI-70511 The ALSAT-2A filter function was invalid.
ENVI-70510 ENVI did not connect to WMS version 1.1.0 servers.
ENVI-70505 Stacked plots did not match the order of the plot legend.
ENVI-70502 Auto Input via Z-profile failed in Spectral Analyst.
ENVI-70500 Users could not edit Y-axis ranges when plots were stacked in the Spectral Profile.
ENVI-70495 ENVI issued an error and crashed when applying an ROI threshold mask to rasters.
ENVI-70490 Building a mask took a long time when using a thresholded ROI.
ENVI-70489 Band names of SPOT RGB images were incorrect in Layer Manager.
ENVI-70486 Users could edit headers for data that was in a read-only directory.
ENVI-70483 ENVI did not recognize RPC information from WorldView-2 data.
ENVI-70482 Reprojecting ADS40 images with RPC information resulted in non-square pixels.
ENVI-70478 Two rasters with the same prefix and additional dots in the filenames would both close if users closed one raster.
ENVI-70474 ALOS-2 Level 1.5 data in CEOS format were not correctly georeferenced.
ENVI-70473 ENVI::OpenRaster did not recognize ENVI .enp (pyramid) and .hdr (header) files.
ENVI-70467 Bands were still listed in the Data Manager after closing a file.
ENVI-70462 ENVI crashed when opening some WorldView-3 tiled files.
ENVI-70460 Users could not manually change the threshold in the Image Change workflow.
ENVI-70459 The Open Recent file list did not include files that were dragged and dropped into the display.
ENVI-70458 The Open Recent file list did include all files opened through multiple file selection.
ENVI-70456 ENVI did not open any more files after loading more than 20 NITF files with C8 or M8 image compression.
ENVI-70452 Spectral profiles created from ENVI Classic tools did not maintain X and Y plot ranges.
ENVI-70446 Axis titles were not preserved in plot windows.
ENVI-70445 ENVI did not allow saving an image or chip to JPEG format with a quality level.
ENVI-70439 Time series animation stopped while image frames were loading.
ENVI-70437 ALOS PALSAR documentation was incorrect about real and imaginary components.
ENVI-70434 GLT reprojection was slow for large images.
ENVI-70433 ENVI issued an EFFECTIVEBANDWIDTHS error when opening some GeoEye-1 datasets.
ENVI-70431 ENVI issued an error when exporting an ENVIQUACRaster to a Geospatial PDF file in the ENVI API.
ENVI-70428 ENVIMetaspectralRaster did not inherit gains and offsets from input rasters.
ENVI-70427 Starting ENVI runtime or ENVI+IDL caused an error after installation, requiring a reinstallation.
ENVI-70422 The code example for ENVIRasterMetadata listed the wrong number of bands for the selected raster.
ENVI-70417 The Polarization Signature Viewer was hidden behind the main ENVI application window.
ENVI-70407 ENVI did not read some SkySat metadata files.
ENVI-70405 The Spectral Subset section of the input file selection dialog did not apply the Bad Bands List by default.
ENVI-70404 ENVI issued a memory allocation error when calculating statistics for all ROIs.
ENVI-70401 ALOS-2 Amplitude, I, and Q imagery displayed as an RGB composite instead of black and white.
ENVI-70400 The Spectral Hourglass Wizard did not honor spectral subsets in the classification process.
ENVI-70399 ENVI issued an error when loading vector images on top of GLT-projected images.
ENVI-70394 The Metadata Viewer was still open after its respective image was closed.
ENVI-70393 Users could open multiple Metadata Viewer dialogs per image.
ENVI-70392 Red and green band names and wavelengths were incorrect in the Data Manager for WorldView-2 four-band datasets.
ENVI-70389 SPOT-7 PMS three-band products were missing some metadata.
ENVI-70388 Documentation was incorrect for Parallelepiped Classification.
ENVI-70383 Some ENVI dialogs still had a Queue button, which is no longer functional.
ENVI-70375 ENVI issued an error when starting the Build Mask tool.
ENVI-70368 Documentation was incorrect for the VALUE keyword in ENVI_REPORT_ERROR.
ENVI-70360 IKONOS wavelength values did not match published values.
ENVI-70354 The Data Manager listed incorrect wavelengths for NPP VIIRS SDR datasets.
ENVI-70348 ROI layers with hundreds of ROIs did not display correctly.
ENVI-70346 DEM Extraction failed with WorldView-3 panchromatic datasets.
ENVI-70344 The Rule Classifier dialog was hidden behind the main ENVI application.
ENVI-70343 ENVI did not clearly define what wavelength units it recognized.
ENVI-70342 GeoTIFF imagery did not open with standard map information.
ENVI-70341 ENVI did not tile TIFF images correctly with some GeoEye-1 tiled datasets.
ENVI-70338 Output header files from running ENVIQUACTask did not honor the DATA_IGNORE_VALUE.
ENVI-70335 Users could not restore an ENVIROIMaskRaster in the ENVI API.
ENVI-70333 The FLAASH output directory was not created unless users pressed the Enter key.
ENVI-70332 The FLAASH Spectral Polishing Width returned to a previous value unless users pressed the Enter key.
ENVI-70327 Shapefiles with an arbitrary projection created with ENVI LiDAR did not display correctly over an arbitrary-projected DEM.
ENVI-70326 ENVI could not create an RGB composite from two bands.
ENVI-70304 ENVISpectralIndexRaster yielded different results for the Red Green Ratio Index than did ENVI_VEG_INDEX_DOIT.
ENVI-70284 WorldView-3 was not included in the Spectral Resampling pre-defined filter function list.
ENVI-70273 The Series/Animation Manager played back twice as slow when a pyramid file was present.
ENVI-70230 The Overlay Classes tool did not work correctly.
ENVI-70206 The default linear stretch value was not honored in header files.
ENVI-70201 ENVI returned unexpected results when using Band Math with negative pixel values.
ENVI-69939 ENVIImageIntersectionTask issued an error message with single-band BIP input rasters.
ENVI-69893 ENVI crashed while building pyramids for tiled GeoEye data in DigitalGlobe format.
ENVI-68463 The Edit ENVI Header tool used an old coordinate system selection dialog.
ENVI-68135 The Decision Tree Classification help topic was updated to remove unsupported special variables.
ENVI-68029 Some TIFF files displayed with a custom stretch that could not be changed.
LIDAR-69036 Certain building perimeter shapefiles would not display in ENVI.
LIDAR-69012 Datasets were not recognized as open if CreateLidarFromSubrect method was used.
LIDAR-69003 LiDAR was incorrectly displaying AgerPoint files with extra bytes stored after the last point record.
LIDAR-68994 Vector files were not displayed properly when products were generated at 50 cm resolution.
LIDAR-68992 RGB values were not correctly recognized in projects created from a .txt file.
LIDAR-68989 Projects with a file path longer than 256 characters were incorrectly indentified as being read-only.
LIDAR-68862 The LiDAR API was not saving the spatial reference for LAS file output.

ENVI 5.2.1

CLASSIC-63108 CARTOSAT Rigorous Orthorectification results were black.
CLASSIC-65339 IKONOS Rigorous Orthorectification results were incorrect.
CLASSIC-67613 RapidEye Level-1B Rigorous Orthorectification results were incorrect.
CLASSIC-68512 Saving a Rigorous Orthorectification project did not preserve the input file selection.
CLASSIC-68519 FORMOSAT Rigorous Orthorectification results with cutlines were incorrect.
CLASSIC-68539 Landsat-7 FAST Rigorous Orthorectification results did not display.
CLASSIC-68547 Using cutlines with Rigorous Orthorectification resulted in null pointer error.
CLASSIC-68549 Pyramid creation failed with Rigorous Orthorectification on 32-bit Windows systems.
ENVI-68237 The Classification dialog was cropped when using large fonts.
ENVI-68827 ENVI Orthorectification Module: orthorectification of RapidEye files did not end.
ENVI-69082 ENVI::OpenRaster could not open vector data from an SDE enterprise geodatabase.
ENVI-69493 Vectors did not display when loaded to a view in which they had previously been reprojected.
ENVI-69596 The Image Change workflow issued an error when displaying the Preview window with Radiometric Normalization enabled.
ENVI-69744 Workflow dialogs were cut off on Chinese Windows 7 Ultimate systems.
ENVI-70004 THOR Atmospheric Correction issued NITF license errors.
ENVI-70007 ENVI did not correctly read geographic coordinates of SPOTView DIMAP products.
ENVI-70050 HDF5 files were slow to open.
ENVI-70124 ENVI did not correctly open metaspatial rasters with overlapping tiles.
ENVI-70154 ENVIVideoToRasterSeriesTask: the COMPUTE_SKIP keyword did not evenly distribute frames with some files.
ENVI-70156 Not all virtual raster functions were copying the TIME property from input rasters.
ENVI-70157 ENVIRadiometricCalibrationTask issued a "Variable is undefined" error message.
ENVI-70162 Some map transformations were not correct with ENVICoordSys objects defined by the COORD_SYS_STR property.
ENVI-70179 ENVI did not perform wavelength calibration with AISA FENIX data.
ENVI-70204 Applying a color table or other visualization change to a raster series created two visualization objects.
ENVI-70207 WorldView-3 pan-sharpened products opened without spectral metadata.
ENVI-70208 Spectral subsets could not be saved to NITF format.
ENVI-70209 ENVI issued an error when selecting 'Load Default' in the Data Manager with an ENVIRasterSeries object.
ENVI-70212 ENVI did not respond when saving a raster color slice to a classification image.
ENVI-70213 ENVI could not save raster color slice classification images to TIFF format.
ENVI-70217 An error occurred when opening world data while a workflow was running.
ENVI-70218 ENVI did not support ArcGIS software tokens.
ENVI-70231 ENVI needed a more descriptive error when saving Radiometric Calibration results to a read-only folder.
ENVI-70234 Class Statistics could not be computed on images with 256 classes.
ENVI-70242 ENVI issued an error when opening OGC WMS datasets on Macintosh systems.
ENVI-70244 Typo in Plot Legend Style preferences.
ENVI-70252 Progress dialogs blocked the HDF Dataset Browser.
ENVI-70269 ENVI issued errors opening SPOT-6 and Pleiades PMSN and PMSX DIMAP products.
ENVI-70270 ENVI did not honor the "Use Low Res Tile Cache" preference with raster series data.
ENVI-70278 ENVI could not restore virtual rasters through the Views & Layers > Restore menu option.
ENVI-70281 Users could not select individual NITF segments in the Create New Vector Layer dialog.
ENVI-70282 ENVIRegridRasterTask closed ENVI if a spatial reference was not defined in the input file.
ENVI-70287 Connecting to remote SDE datasets failed with ENVI and ArcGIS 10.2 software.
ENVI-70290 The DEM Extraction module could not generate tie points from WorldView-3 OR2A stereo data.
ENVI-70291 The DEM Extraction module failed during parallax calculation of WorldView-3 data.
ENVI-70300 ENVI could not create raster time series from NITF data because the acquisition time metadata was not set.
ENVI-70308 ENVI did not export video files with MISB metadata if an export was attempted before the metadata displayed.
ENVI-70310 Map information was incorrect for RapidEye imagery.
Map information reported "North" when saving a southern hemisphere Landsat image to ENVI format.
ENVI-70314 ENVISubsetRaster was changing interleaves of the input raster.
ENVI-70315 Chip to Geospatial PDF issued an IDL Bridge error using 32-bit ENVI.
ENVI-70321 ENVI issued erorrs saving views and layers for NITF images with vectors (NCDRD).
ENVI-70329 Metaspatial WorldView-2 single-band dataset opened with incorrect wavelength metadata.

ENVI 5.2

CLASSIC-49097 SPEAR tools should check if the default output directory is writeable before processing.
CLASSIC-59642 ENVI needs a bookmark system to save locations of interest in a scene.
CLASSIC-66760 ENVI Classic crashed when opening seven-band ERDAS Imagine files from a geodatabase.
CLASSIC-68532 The Seamless Mosaic tool issued error messages with some TIFF images.
ENVI-48044 ENVI could not animate a sequence of layers or bands.
ENVI-66055 Users should be able to set preferences in the API.
ENVI-66801 The Overview could not be selected when first switching to a view.
ENVI-67602 AVNIR-2 data were not accurately georeferenced when using JAXA RPCs.
ENVI-68862 Slovenian geographic transformations were incorrect.
ENVI-68875 Decision Tree did not update results.
ENVI-69168 Calling ENVI::OpenRaster() on some external formats multiple times resulted in an error message.
ENVI-69398 R/G/B check boxes in the Change Color Table dialog should be radio buttons instead.
ENVI-69462 Issuing a .RESET_SESSION command crashed IDL if ENVI was building pyramids.
ENVI-69504 ROI subsetting with ENVIRasters did not work when the ROI was projected to a spatial reference.
ENVI-69562 The "Replace selected cells with value" option did not work correctly with View/Edit Attributes.
ENVI-69604 Shortcuts conflicted with pre-defined shortcut definitions for text annotation.
ENVI-69698 ENVI needs to support the new JGD2011 datum for Japan.
ENVI-69706 The Snail Trail did not properly reset after closing all layers in a view.
ENVI-69717 ENVI displayed artifacts along the border of SICD multi-segment images.
ENVI-69733 Home and End keyboard keys produced the opposite effect for ENVI toolbar sliders.
ENVI-69843 ENVI did not have spatial bookmarks.
ENVI-69847 ENVI did not open NITF files with a custom GEOSDE projection in the API.
ENVI-69857 Regridding was incorrect with data containing bad data, data-ignore values, or NaN values.
ENVI-69870 ENVI shifted DTED files by half a pixel.
ENVI-69872 Convolutions and Morphology dialog did not have a Queue button.
ENVI-69923 Default bands changed in image display when the Edit Header tool was open and closed.
ENVI-69964 Toolbox and Layer Manager did not horizontally resize while docked.
ENVI-69996 Setting an open-ended ROI threshold produced an incorrect pixel selection.
ENVI-70002 RPC Orthorectification "Advanced Options" documentation needed better clarification.
ENVI-70015 The Esri projection engine did not return an entry for GCS_WGS_1984_Major_Auxiliary_Sphere.
ENVI-70038 New spectral libraries were not documented in the ENVI Help.
ENVI-70042 Multi-byte band names displayed incorrectly in the Layer Manager and Data Manager.
ENVI-70051 ENVICoordSys documentation code examples were incorrect.
ENVI-70064 Updates to CLASS COLORS metadata did not take effect in Layer Manager.
ENVI-70071 Documentation had incorrect PIXELSTATE keyword name for ENVIRaster::GetData.
ENVI-70130 ACE calculation should be mean-centered and have an option to include the sign component.

ENVI 5.1

CLASSIC-63064 ENVI Classic deleted the last attribute in Point Collection windows after exporting/importing points as ASCII.
CLASSIC-63229 ENVI Classic did not read AVHRR images processed by CCRS.
CLASSIC-63315 The Google Earth Bridge issued a permissions error on Linux.
CLASSIC-63522 ENVI Classic did not read MODIS MOD09GA products.
CLASSIC-65685 The SPEAR Vertical Stripe Removal tool removed BBL and FWHM values from ENVI header files.
CLASSIC-68496 The ENVI_CONVERT_FILE_COORDINATES routine did not work correctly with pseudo-projected images.
ENVI-65466 ENVI did not load images from the Layer Manager when SELinux was enabled.
ENVI-67429 ENVI/IDL on 32-bit Windows 7 crashed while accessing an ENVI HASP license.
ENVI-68041 Feature Extraction: The ENVI_FX_SEGMENTONLY_DOIT routine did not honor the intensity segmentation algorithm.
ENVI-68278 SVM Classification failed in ENVI Classic and Example-Based Feature Extraction (ENVI) on 64-bit Mac OS X 10.8 systems.
ENVI-68247 Help instructions for FFT filtering needed clarification.
ENVI-68347 ENVI did not start if the custom code directory contained XML files.
ENVI-68361 ENVI exited unexpectedly when loading a classification image with an incorrect 'class lookup' header value.
ENVI-68431 The "Product Type" metadata values were inconsistent in DigitalGlobe products.
ENVI-68471 ENVI did not display values in HDF files from STAR-Global Vegetation Health Products.
ENVI-68484 ENVI did not georeference ALOS PALSAR 1.5 datasets.
ENVI-68735 The Build Mask tool did not let users select an input file from which to set the mask dimensions.
ENVI-67826 The RPC Orthorectification workflow issued a "Spatial Subset by File" error.
ENVI-68421 The RPC Orthorectification workflow did not recognize DCM RPC files.
ENVI-67900 Changing map information tie-point coordinates by 0.5 resulted in wrong offsets.
ENVI-68678 Maximum likelihood classification only yielded one class when ROI pixels had values in one band.
ENVI-68851 ENVI did not open Classic external formats with an IDL run-time license.
ENVI-68860 The TMCAL_DOIT routine did not work with the new Landsat metadata.
ENVI-68876 ENVI did not read SPOT DIMAP data correctly when band names were described in the order (XS1, XS2, XS3, SWIR) in the metadata.
ENVI-68918 The ENVI_GET_TILE routine produced different results on 32-bit vs. 64-bit platforms.
ENVI-69004 ENVI issued an error message when opening MrSID files.
ENVI-69070 ENVI did not correct for solar elevation when computing Landsat-8 reflectance.
ENVI-69123 ENVI did not extract acquisition time and sun azimuth from PDS file metadata.
Network project open by different machines simultaneously causes issues.
LIDAR-68663 Generated bitmap.tif has WGS84 UTM 15N when project projection is arbitrary.
LIDAR-68668 Cannot specify NZTM projection for output with data in NZTM projection.
LIDAR-68682 GetPointsInPolygon returns !NULL if the number of points returned are above a certain threshold.


ENVI 5.0.3


ENVI-62895 ENVI did not read GeoTIFF modeltransform tags.
ENVI-65963 The Edit ENVI Header dialog did not appear when opening an image without a header.
ENVI-66889 Users could not locate their license number in the ENVI 5 interface.
ENVI-66986 ENVI did not honor skew and rotation with some TIFF files.
ENVI-67596 Toolbox entries were not always added for IDL .pro/.save files placed in the "extensions" folder.
ENVI-67836 SVM Classification failed with pyramids.
ENVI-67921 MrSID files opened in ENVI Classic but not in ENVI 5.
ENVI-67964 The RPC Orthorectification workflow failed with a JPEG2000 DEM for input.
ENVI-68041 ENVI_FX_SEGMENTONLY_DOIT did not honor the Intensity segmentation algorithm.
ENVI-68247 Help instructions for FFT filtering needed clarification.
ENVI-68278 Support Vector Machine (SVM) classification failed in ENVI Classic and Example-Based Feature Extraction (ENVI) on 64-bit Mac OS X 10.8 systems.
ENVI-68347 ENVI did not start if the custom code directory contained XML files.
ENVI-68361 ENVI exited unexpectedly when loading a classification image with an incorrect 'class lookup' header value.
ENVI-68431 "Product Type" metadata values were inconsistent in DigitalGlobe products.
ENVI-68471 ENVI could not display data values in HDF file from STAR-Global Vegetation Health Products.
ENVI-68484 ENVI could not georeference ALOS PALSAR 1.5 georeferenced dataset.
ENVI-68735 The Build Mask tool did not let users select an input file from which to set the mask dimensions.
LIDAR-67881 Launching ENVI LiDAR checked out the IDL license instead of the IDL_RT license when both were present.


ENVI 5.0.2


CLASSIC-39052 FLAASH failed if the processing tile contained all zeros.
CLASSIC-44570 FLAASH output dimensions had to be an integer factor of the original dimensions.
CLASSIC-56861 FLAASH: AISA data failed to process with error "Attempt to subscript SIG with VEGADR is out of range."
CLASSIC-57139 FLAASH did not process images with no visible bands.
CLASSIC-62179 FLAASH issued a READU error message during tile processing.
ENVI-67684 FLAASH issued an error message when running Adjacency Correction.
CLASSIC-42781 Co-occurrence texture names in ENVI did not match those in the Haralick reference.
CLASSIC-50789 Co-occurrence filter measures did not return the correct correlation values.
CLASSIC-57764 Co-occurrence filter measures were incorrect, not following the Haralick reference.
CLASSIC-64772 Small dialogs truncated or hid filenames.
ENVI-66780 The Mosaic file import process sent windows behind the main display.
ENVI-67106 Users could not select regions of interest (ROIs) for Dark Subtraction.
ENVI-67243 The Vegetation Index Calculator did not recognize wavelengths assigned to some sensors.
CLASSIC-61072 ENVI Classic did not read recent Landsat TM files processed by NLAPS.
ENVI-67356 ENVI could not read new Landsat metadata after 21 August 2012.
ENVI-67378 An error message appeared when running the Neural Net classification tool.
ENVI-67627 Feature Extraction: Importing ground truth data crashed ENVI in the Example- Based workflow.
ENVI-67646 The Apply Gain and Offset tool returned incorrect results for Pleiades-1 data.
ENVI-67701 ENVI::CreateRasterSpatialRef and ENVIRasterSpatialRefStandard were creating/reporting the value of TIE_POINT_PIXEL for the upper-left pixel as (1,1). This was incorrect and has since been updated to (0,0).
ENVI-68049 Gains and offsets were incorrectly set from the BANDSB TRE in NITF files.
ENVI-68265 Feature Extraction: The MAX and MIN spectral attributes were switched.
LIDAR-65048 Output DEM always has WGS84 even when set to another datum.
LIDAR-67852 Setting UTM zone to 55 South for this file completely shuts down E3De.

ENVI 5.0.1

CLASSIC-66589 FLAASH reported wrong visibility values with 'Over Water' aerosol retrieval.
CLASSIC-32535 Temporary files were not unique and could overwrite each other.
CLASSIC-51988 ENVI Classic issued an error when computing ROI separability with large ROI files on Solaris SPARC 64-bit systems.
CLASSIC-52465 ENVI Classic issued an error when pixel addresses exceeded the long integer limit in ENVI_GET_ROI_DATA and ENVI_GET_ROI.
CLASSIC-65128 Local spatial statistics did not fall within expected ranges.
CLASSIC-65638 ROIs drawn on large images did not restore properly.
CLASSIC-62310 ROI indices used signed 32-bit integers instead of 64-bit long integers.
CLASSIC-55197 Processing a masked image with SMACC produced endmembers within the masked areas.
CLASSIC-55600 Displaying a large file from a geodatabase took a long time.
CLASSIC-56857 ENVI Classic issued an error when mosaicking large JPEG2000 files with MOSAIC_DOIT.
CLASSIC-58369 The ENVI_OPEN_DATA_FILE routine only opened one dataset from metaspatial files if the file was already open.
CLASSIC-58582 ENVI Classic did not read or select the correct datum for MODIS images in a sinusoidal projection.
CLASSIC-63245 ENVI Classic did not read COSMO-SkyMed CSK - Acquisition Mode (WideRegion) GTC products.
CLASSIC-67040 Band names were wrong in COSMO-SkyMed PingPong products.
CLASSIC-63410 ALOS AVNIR-2 data opened as a single band when the folder name contained an underscore.
CLASSIC-65619 Resizing the Class Color Mapping dialog crashed ENVI Classic.
CLASSIC-66681 Clicking Next and Previous buttons in the Help caused a script error.
CLASSIC-66855 ENVI Classic issued an error when processing an 80-band NITF image in THOR Anomaly Detection.
  The display of Preview Windows was slow in workflows.
ENVI-56533 Vectors were offset in an image displayed in ENVI, when compared to ENVI Classic.
ENVI-60329 ENVI issued an error while running the Classification workflow on a WCS dataset using display extents.
ENVI-62871 Feature Extraction: the Merge preview did not match merge results.
ENVI-64785 The Layer Manager did not left-justify.
ENVI-65121 Local spatial statistics did not fall within expected ranges.
ENVI-65761 ENVI did not write files to Big TIFF format.
ENVI-66799 The Project Raster tool did not create a TIFF file with a SIRGAS datum.
ENVI-66809 The Toolbox was missing tools for post-classification, radiometric correction, and spectral analysis.
ENVI-66873 The Image Registration step failed in the Image Change Workflow.
ENVI-66973 The Preview Portal would get stuck on tile boundaries while panning across an image.
ENVI-66983 ENVI did not read RPC map information in IKONOS imagery.
ENVI-66993 Editing shapefiles crashed or hung the application for certain vector types.
ENVI-67033 The Project Raster tool should be renamed to Reproject Raster.
ENVI-67266 FLAASH did not process large radiance images.
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