IDL Fixed Issues

This help article provides a recent history of fixed issues in IDL. See the following sections:


IDL 8.8

IDL-68845 Launching the IDL Workbench on Macintosh prompted installation of Java v1.6.
IDL-70356 LMFIT documentation example did not converge.
IDL-70653 UTM projection description included the wrong information.
IDL-70658 The documentation example for cloning a DICOM file was not complete.
IDL-70666 IMSL_POISSON2D documentation had a typo in RHs_Bc parameter.
IDL-70687 INT_2D PQ/AB LIMITS arguments needed clearer documentation regarding ORDER keyword.

IDL 8.7.3

IDL-70377 LA_EIGENQL documentation needed to clarify that for Hermitian matrices, IDL transforms the eigenvectors such that the first elements are real.
IDL-70378 Filled contour clipping issues on maps were introduced in IDL 8.7.2.
IDL-70537 Contour Function visual issue while using map_projection and /fill.
IDL-70641 Documentation for the AttributeStruct parameter of the method IDLffShape::SetAttributes had an incorrect hyperlink to an argument in another topic.


IDL 8.7.2

IDL-70212 IDL crashed trying to use the python IDL bridge with Anaconda 4.5.4 with Python 3.6.5.
IDL-70215 TaskEngine occasionally deadlocked on shutdown.
IDL-70237 PACKAGE_FOLDER failed when calling IPM, /INSTALL.
IDL-70314 NCDF_ATTPUT called with an empty string attribute value generated an invalid HDF5 file.


IDL 8.7.1

IDL-69561 Black boxes appeared where axis text should be on the save PLOT images on some Windows 10 systems.
IDL-69851 The "-V" flag on .COMPILE was undocumented.
IDL-69870 Saved IDL graphic text was not working properly in the latest Windows update.
IDL-69931 The Python to IDL Bridge was failing with the latest version of Anaconda 3 on Mac OS X 10.13.2.
IDL-70099 The WIDTH keyword documentation for the BOXPLOT function was incorrect.
IDL-70167 The LEGEND() function would cause an error if the LABEL keyword was a string array.


IDL 8.7

IDL-69027 The Index tab in IDL Help was slow.
IDL-69670 The results of the binomial function did not match a user's expectations.
IDL-69747 The "idl" scripts from Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris MAKE_RT distribution were hard-coded to only work from the original product installation directory.
IDL-69799 A JSON_PARSE/SERIALIZE mismatch existed on Double values.
IDL-69845 RDPIX.pro did not work properly.
IDL-69834 A problem existed with 64-bit addressing.
IDL-69876 The IMAGE function issued an error on 3-band pixel data when x/y coordinates were also specified; they also needed to be reversed.

IDL 8.6.1

IDL-27165 On Windows, DIALOG_PICKFILE with /MULTIPLE had a limit of 32767 characters.
IDL-60179 Adding numbers after double quotes did not work properly.
IDL-62760 Function graphics TeX syntax did not work on non-English systems.
IDL-69669 IDLgrPDF could not set DIMENSIONS during Init.
IDL-69705 IDL crashed when using SMOOTH with non-square arrays and edge keywords.
IDL-69713 The IDL Workbench deleted files when files were dragged from the Navigation Menu to the command line.
IDL-69714 The DataMiner installer wiped away other previously installed drivers.
IDL-69716 Entering a named string variable into the LAMBDA function caused an error.
IDL-69732 A typo with the ASSOC data file caused IDL to crash.
IDL-69750 H5_PUTDATA failed under certain use cases.

IDL 8.6

IDL-68887 A mismatch in IDL's wrapper code between the input variable and the output dimensions caused a segmentation fault when using NCDF_VARGET. This routine now works correctly with the user's data file.
IDL-69346 The IDL OpenSSL library has been upgraded to 1.0.2h; the IDL curl library has been upgraded to 7.49.1.
Various issues with plot legends have been fixed, including sizing with non-ASCII characters, the number of plot symbols, and vertical/horizontal alignment.
IDL-69476 IDL crashed when NaNs were passed to the QHULL procedure. IDL now throws an error if QHULL encouters NaN values.
IDL-69479 POLAR_CONTOUR failed with double precision data.
IDL-69485 The Workbench seemed to ignore Java CLASSPATH. IDL now correctly reports the value of the "java.class.path" property.
IDL-69493 Object cleanup cleared the math error status. IDL will no longer clear the math error status when returning from a user's cleanup method.
IDL-69501 MAKE_RT on Mac OS X used the wrong path. IDL no longer calls "xterm -e", and MAKE_RT will now run properly.
IDL-69502 The BUTTERWORTH function uses much less memory and is significantly faster.
IDL-69506 You can use CALL_FUNCTION, CALL_PROCEDURE, and EXECUTE with the Python-to-IDL Bridge.
IDL-69520 TIMESTAMP and SYSTIME(with /JULIAN) have the correct fractional seconds. Also, SYSTIME will now work properly beyond the 19 January 2038 UNIX millenium bug.
IDL-69527 Content Assist can process Unicode characters.
IDL-69535 The List::ToArray method works correctly with arrays of structures.
IDL-69539 VECTOR now works correctly with three element arrays.
IDL-69541 READ_CSV now properly handles empty columns.
IDL-69556 The IMAGE function now properly handles images with NaN values.
IDL-69571 Adding attributes to a NCDF file caused IDL to crash. This was only a problem when adding the _FillValue attribute while in "REDEF" mode. It is due to a NetCDF library bug. The NCDF_ATTPUT documentation was updated with this information. Workaround: Be sure to set _FillValue during the initial file creation.
IDL-69583 SURFACE with ZLOG plotted off of the canvas space. The SURFACE, PLOT3D, and CONTOUR functions now handle the ZLOG property.
IDL-69603 The IDL to Python bridge failed on Mac OS X 10.11. IDL now ships with a "setup.py" script that automatically sets the proper library paths, and avoids having to set the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. See the IDL Python bridge documentation for install instructions.
IDL-69605 The MAP function now correctly displays polar stereographic projections.

IDL 8.5.1

IDL-5479 IDL's HDF routines now support VGROUP attributes.
IDL-68785 IMSL routines work properly on Windows.
IDL-69428 Routines work properly with more than 255 parameters.
IDL-69429 The IDL Python bridge now works properly with WinPython.
The IDL Python bridge behaves better on Linux platforms.
IDL-69442 N and V are no longer converted to integers in binomial.pro.
IDL-69446 The Workbench launches properly when double-clicking .pro files in Windows 10.
IDL-69458 WRITE_CSV with the TABLE_HEADER keyword now produces correct output.
IDL-69473 Previously, if your array contained NaN values, and you did not set the /NAN keyword, MIN or MAX would sometimes return NaN as the result and other times would return a valid value, depending upon the location of the NaN's in the array. Now, IDL always ignores NaN values and returns the correct minimum or maximum.

IDL 8.5

IDL-69187 Attempting to use GRIB_GET_VALUES() with GRIB2 files crashed IDL on Linux. GRIB_GET_VALUES now works properly on all supported platforms.
IDL-69210 IDLnetURL::GetFtpDirList works properly on all FTP servers.
IDL-69220 The Java bridge was not configured properly when running 32-bit IDL from a 64-bit installation. The software installer builds a Java bridge configuration file specific to 32-bit or 64-bit platforms. For a 64-bit installation, the Java bridge is configured for 64-bit Java. When running 32-bit IDL from a 64-bit installation, the Java configuration file does not work and IDL issues an error message that it cannot initialize the Java bridge.
IDL-69244 The axes ranges for DENDRO_PLOT have been fixed.
IDL-69280 Previously, for FFT, if you used both the CENTER and DIMENSION keyword, then IDLwould shift the center of all dimensions, including those which were not undergoing the FFT. Now, when both CENTER and DIMENSION are used, FFT only shifts the center of the dimension given by DIMENSION.
IDL-69316 On certain Windows systems, when shell extensions such as Tortoise or iCloud are installed and set to a different locale, then calling DIALOG_PICKFILE would change IDL's locale. IDL now automatically sets the locale back to its default value before returning from DIALOG_PICKFILE.

IDL 8.4

IDL-54289 You can now specify a non-default install location for FLEXlm.
IDL-65681 If you shifted a Mercator map projection by 180 degrees lon, part of the image disappeared. In new graphics, creating an image on a map should no longer clip the image.
IDL-67170 Added a new BIGTIFF keyword to WRITE_TIFF, which allows creation of large TIFF files.
IDL-68766 IDL correctly performs a .RESET on the XML DLM.
IDL-68767 IDL correctly reads scalar values in NetCDF quality flags.
IDL-68912 The graphics SAVE method failed on systems without an X server. When using new graphics with /BUFFER on systems without an X server, the SAVE method now works correctly.
IDL-68972 New graphics MAPCONTINENTS could output strange lines in Antarctica. IDL no longer draws the unwanted line through the south pole.
IDL-68989 IDLitVisPolygon respects the user's property setting for SHADING.
IDL-68990 IDLitVisAxis respects the user's property setting for TICKLEN.
IDL-69029 IDL automatically refreshes the plot when using DATA RANGE in IPLOT.
IDL-69037 For Direct Graphics postscript output with device fonts, the Y title used Greek letter symbols. For device fonts, IDL now switches back to normal fonts after outputting exponential notation.
IDL-69060 Successive calls to the Window::Save method with PDF and /APPEND became slower. The new graphics SAVE method now has a MEMORY keyword which prevents writing out intermediate pages.
IDL-69078 Using ( ) to index an array within an object caused IDL 8.1 save files to fail with IDL 8.3. You can now properly restore SAVE files that contain parentheses to index an array within an object.
IDL-69082 IDL now reads GRIB files from a network drive.
IDL-69101 LINBCG returns the correct results for a huge system of equations (>90000).
IDL-69112 You can now specify arrays of colors for the COLOR, FILL_COLOR, and FONT_COLOR graphics properties.
The IDL/ENVI Suite Installer works correctly on Windows 7.
IDL-69135 The ROT function works correctly with one-element input arrays.
IDL-69137 IDL now uses ULONG64 data types for min and max operators.
IDL-69139 MATRIX_MULTIPLY now uses multi-threading when one or both arguments are vectors.
IDL-69145 IDL no longer arbitrarily changes the title bar label when drawing a new graphics item to WIDGET_WINDOW.
IDL-69174 If a key is added more than once in ORDEREDHASH, IDL now keeps the latest value.
IDL no longer crashes when using GRIB_GET_VALUES with GRIB2 files.
IDL-69191 Using MAKE_ARRAY with the INCREMENT keyword (or using the [m:n:i] syntax) works correctly.
IDL-69192 Attempting to restore certain compressed code Save files could fail. This issue only occurred for files with a compressed length that was a multiple of 4096 (Unix) or 8192 (Windows). IDL now correctly restores these files.
IDL-69193 ISHFT works correctly with ULONG and ULONG64 data types.

IDL 8.3

IDL-65808 On Windows platforms, the ALL_EVENTS keyword now works as it does in UNIX platforms, returning cell events with keyboard arrow navigation.
IDL-64864 On Windows and Solaris, OPeNDAP Functionality now works with NetCDF.
IDL-46816 On some systems, the IDL installation program exited with "Error 1719. Windows Installer service could not be accessed. Contact your support personnel to verify that it is properly registered and enabled." This error has been fixed.
IDL-62902 Updates to Flexlm fixed issues with licensing on Fedora 15 and RedHat 6.21 platforms.
IDL-68647 IDL crashed upon exiting or when using graphics. This issue was caused by a bug in the glibc libraries. You may need to update your glibc library, or update to RHEL 6.3 or 6.4 to solve the problem. See http://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHBA-2013-0279.html for more information.
IDL-66840 H5D_WRITE on Macintosh 64-bit can now write large datasets.
IDL-68745 Saving to a PDF or EPS file now produces correct lines and text, and no longer clips.
IDL-68883 The Dataminer installer now correctly populates the ODBC driver registry settings. Previously, you would have to manually modify the Windows registry.
IDL-68399 IDL_IDLBridge and o->EXECUTE /NOWAIT memory leaks have been fixed.

IDL 8.2.3

The STATUS Keyword for EXIT now works as designed in IDL Workbench, returning the correct EXIT status code.
IDL-48917 Addressed performance issues when launching iTools from Workbench vs. the IDL command line.
X graphics dependencies have been removed for /BUFFER.
IDL-66935 Subversion (SVN) plugin installation now completes successfully on Macintosh and Linux.
IDL-67564 Top level base widget remains intact after deleting a WIDGET_WINDOW.
IDL-68079 ErrorBar cap sizes remain constant regardless of zoom factor on graphic.
IDL-68168 Added SUBGRIDSTYLE property to IDLgrAxis and New Graphics so that minor and major tickmarks can have different styles.
IDL-68330 Automatic Gridding of Data in CONTOUR() on MAP() resolves issue of jagged contours in New Graphics.
IDL-68351 BOX_AXES keyword in MAP function now rendering correctly for polar stereo projections.
IDL-68424 HASH function now allows for [*] and [0:-1] indexing in overloadBracketsLeftSide.
IDL-68461 Longitude and Latitude labels now rendering correctly in the MAP function.
IDL-68586 SetData now allows for the updating of a single point in PLOT3D.
IDL-68553 MAP_PROJ_FORWARD now rendering polygons correctly when they are >= 180 east of the center of the map.

IDL 8.2.2

IDL-46839 IDL has been updated with IMSL for 64-bit Windows.
IDL-48058 The VALUE_LOCATE() function now allows one-element arrays and scalars for the input vector.
IDL-60797 On Windows platforms, attempts to open a DICOM file located in the Reproduce directory caused IDL 8.x to crash when using READ_DICOM(dicomex=0) or by the use of IDLffDICOM directly. This issue has been fixed.
IDL-63891 The LOCATION keyword for the AXIS() routine now allows for input independent of the data.
IDL-66297 Added the ability to update RGB_TABLE and RGB_INDICES on the CONTOUR object.
IDL-67618 Setting the LIMIT property with IMAGE() could make images disappear. If LIMIT is set or retrieved on an IMAGE, it is now retrieved from the actual MAP, not the image's map projection.
IDL-67647 Updated GAUSS2DFIT when using the MASK keyword to exclude NaNs when performing calculations.
IDL-67659 PLOT() caused errors when using [XYZ]TICKUNITS with an array. Updated the [XYZ]TICKUNITS keyword on the PLOT function to handle multiple units.
IDL-67665 In certain situations, PDF output did not match the colors on the screen. This has been addressed.
IDL-67775 Updated WRITE_CSV and READ_CSV to handle quote characters within strings.
IDL-67827 With large datasets, SWAP_ENDIAN routines did not process correctly. Updated to process datasets greater than 4GB.
IDL-67848 Updated the EXTRACT keyword to LIST to handle 1-element arrays.
IDL-67885 Plot lines could appear with different thicknesses while zooming out.
IDL-67918 Updated VERT_COLORS keyword to PLOT to handle more than 256 elements.
IDL-67992 IDLanROIGroup caused IDL to shut down. Updated to handle greater than 1024 IDLanROIs.
IDL-68042 Printing from PLOT() in runtime or command line IDL session sometimes resulted in oversized output.
IDL-68059 Updated the THICK keyword to IDLgrPLOT to handle values higher than 1 correctly.

IDL 8.2.1

IDL-60320 The HISTOGRAM keyword does not work correctly on the PLOT function when log scale is used.
IDL-61635 Line style setting does not display in a saved plot.
IDL-62026 Error creating large NetCDF files. NETCDF3_64BIT keyword was added.
IDL-63727 RPC server crash using IDL_RPCOutputCapture.
IDL-63891 Need to specify AXIS locations (left, right, top, bottom of plot) without using data coordinates.
IDL-64070 Error on Macintosh if the terminal window size is too narrow.
IDL-64233 Problems with the STRIDE keyword in NCDF_VARGET.
IDL-65603 Allow IDL Graphics keywords to be abbreviated.
IDL-65734 IDL Graphics PLOT windows do not automatically resize to the size of the plot.
IDL-66414 The PLOT method SetData does not allow scalars to be set.
The POLYGON function incorrectly closed borders.
IDL-66769 Errors in IDL Graphics using CURRENT and ORDER keywords.
Licensing problems on Macintosh.
IDL-66886 The MAPGRID object is not retrievable when the NAME is set on the MAP function.
IDL-66905 TIFF files written with WRITE_TIFF cannot be read with external software on Windows.
IDL-67028 The IDLgrAxis object does not display the x axis with a line thickness greater than two.
IDL-67038 IDL Graphics display incorrectly after two consecutive rotations.
IDL-67042 The PLOT function sometimes displays thick lines incorrectly.
IDL-67099 On Macintosh, IDL Graphics does not remember the save directory.

IDL 8.2

The IDL 8.2 release did not have any fixed issues, only new features and enhancements.

IDL 8.1

The IDL 8.1 release did not have any fixed issues, only new features and enhancements.

IDL 8.0.1

IDL-54998 Map grid and continent outlines now appear correctly when plotted across the date line. (This fix applies only to IDL graphics, not Direct Graphics.)
IDL-55799 In IDL 7.1 and 8.0, the IDLgrWindow RESOLUTION property was hard-coded to 72 DPI. For 8.0.1 on Windows platforms, this value is now taken from the Windows DPI setting. This allows point sizes set in IDL object graphics to match other applications on Windows platforms. Because of the change in font size, you may need to adjust any font sizes you have set in graphics programs.
IDL-58077 The 64-bit Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for 64-bit Windows was not properly handling low memory conditions. This problem was not associated with IDL. If your memory runs low, increasing your page file size may help. We suggest setting an initial page size of 1.5 times the physical RAM and a maximum page size of 3 times the physical RAM.
IDL-59612 The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) was not allocating large enough memory blocks for the IDL Workbench. This has been fixed for UNIX platforms. For Windows platforms, the arguments for the JVM were changed to allow allocation of 128 MB heap blocks.
IDL-59192 When using the C_LINESTYLE keyword with the CONTOUR function, the linestyle is now honored if the keyword value is a scalar or has fewer elements than the number of contour levels. A similar problem with the C_THICK keyword has also been fixed.
HELP now returns the number of elements if there is more than one element. If a single argument is provided to HELP, and it is a structure, then HELP automatically displays the structure information without having to set the STRUCTURES keyword.
IDL-59553 The PLOT title displayed in the wrong location with logarithmic axes.
IDL-60209 BARPLOT did not handle logarithmic axes.
IDL-60471 PLOT3D, ERRORPLOT, and SURFACE with /OVERPLOT did not correctly display with logarithmic axes.
IDL-60741 When values less than or equal to 0 were present, logarithmic axes were not honored.
IDL-59554 The title of a SURFACE plot no longer changes position when a CONTOUR plot is overplotted.
IDL-59601 Japanese characters are now saved correctly to PDF files.
IDL-59732 You can now successfully call a method on a dereferenced pointer variable:

lst = list()
p = ptr_new(lst)
*p->add, 1
*p.add, 2

IDL-59742 You can now insert a legend in iTools, either using the INSERT_LEGEND keyword or through the Insert > New Legend menu item.
IDL-59774 IDL now allows subscript notation to be used as long as it evaluates to a scalar object reference:

obj = OBJ_NEW('IDLitComponent')
o = [obj]
PRINT, o[[0]].name

IDL-59816 Even with garbage collection disabled, code with millions of pointers will run slower in IDL 8.0 than earlier versions. This has been fixed – if you disable garbage collection for all heap variables, then your code should run at the same speed in IDL 8.0.1 as it did in earlier versions. Note that if reference counting is disabled for all heap variables, then the reference counts will not be incremented or decremented. If you then re-enable reference counting, any existing heap variables may be unexpectedly destroyed.
IDL-59946 The FOREACH operator correctly assigns a scalar value to the element:


IDL returns:

X INT = 1

IDL automatic garbage collection now correctly destroys objects when the last reference to the object is deleted.
IDL-60104 You can now dereference an unnamed pointer expression. For example:


IDL returns:


IDL-60107 FOREACH caused loop errors or crashed in IDL under certain conditions.
IDL-60109 FOREACH did not elegantly handle an empty list (!NULL vector).
IDL-60160 Using parentheses notation "( )" to reference an array within an object method caused a syntax error. This problem has been corrected, with the following exception: if an object has an internal array and a method function that both have the same name, you cannot reference the array field inside an object method using the older parentheses notation because IDL does not know at compile time if you are referencing the object array or the object method function. We suggest you use the bracket notation "[ ]" when referencing an array.
IDL-60168 The IDL 8.0 FLEXnet license manager service on Mac OS X started and stopped repeatedly and caused IDL to run in demo mode when a license was available. The license manager service now runs continuously.
IDL-60170 Issuing the .FULL_RESET_SESSION command re-enables automatic garbage collection for pointers and objects if it was previously disabled.
IDL-60178 You can now restore IDL 8.0 SAVE files that include scalar and array byte variables in previous versions of IDL. Earlier versions of IDL may have problems restoring 8.0 SAVE files that include byte arrays greater than 2147483647 bytes.
IDL-60275 In IDL 8.0, a change was made to ON_ERROR to print less information than in previous versions. In IDL 8.0.1, ON_ERROR, 1 has been changed back to its original behavior:
  • ON_ERROR, 1: Print the current program stack, and then return to the main program level and stop.
  • ON_ERROR, 2: Return to the caller of the program unit that called ON_ERROR, then stop and print the program stack from the caller up to the main program level.
IDL-60324 You can now call the N_TAGS function on a new object reference from inside an object method:


IDL-60345 The H5F_OPEN and H5F_CREATE functions now work correctly after a previous call to H5_CLOSE.
IDL-60747 The FOR loop behavior was changed to check the loop counter prior to incrementing. This avoids situations that caused infinite loops around the minimum and maximum values of signed variable types. The behavior for unsigned types is unchanged.
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