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What's New in ENVI Deep Learning 2.0

This release includes the following new and improved features.

ENVI Machine Learning

New in this release is ENVI® Machine Learning. You can use the features of Machine Learning with just a standard ENVI license - a Deep Learning license is not required.

With ENVI Machine Learning, you can quickly perform several traditional machine learning algorithms using a variety of one-step classifiers on a single raster. Single-raster classifiers are available for anomaly detection, supervised classification, and unsupervised classification. Additionally, advanced workflows that use multiple rasters as input to training are also available using the ENVI Modeler. This workflow entails extracting data from your raster, generating a trained model, and using that model to perform classification on other rasters.

For details on ENVI Machine Learning and how to use it, open Help > Contents > ENVI Machine Learning from the ENVI main menu.

Save Toolbox Parameters

A new feature in the ENVI Toolbox enables you save the parameter values you set in Deep Learning and Machine Learning tools and reuse those settings in other sessions. How to save and restore parameter values is described in the Help for each tool.



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