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What's New in IDL 8.8.2

This article contains release notes for IDL 8.8.2.

See the following sections:

For system requirements, see Platform Support for ENVI 5.6.2 and IDL 8.8.2.

New Features

Added platform support for macOS 12 (M1 and Intel 64-bit).



The COMPRESSION keyword of WRITE_TIFF procedure has been updated to include DEFLATE as a compression mode.

SAVE Procedure - EMBED Keyword

The keyword EMBED has been added to the SAVE procedure, which adds the Next-Generation embedded license to the SAVE file if the IDL session has access to a Developer’s Kit license.

Video Support

Windows 32-bit video support for the following has been dropped: IDLffVideoRead, IDLffVideoWrite, READ_VIDEO, WRITE_VIDEO.

Library Updates

The 3rd party libraries listed below have been updated to these versions:

  • CEF 99.2.14
  • curl 7.82.0
  • Eclipse Temurin JDK 17.0.1 (formerly AdoptOpenJDK JDK)
  • Eclipse Temurin JRE 17.0.1 (formerly AdoptOpen JRE)
  • Esri Projection Engine 12.9.0
  • FFMPEG 4.4.1
  • GDAL 3.4.2
  • libxml2 2.9.13
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1n
  • POCO 1.11.1
  • SQLite 3.38.1
  • xerces-c 3.2.3

The following 3rd party libraries have been added:

  • IDL Python Bridge support for python 3.10

The following 3rd party libraries have been removed:

  • IDL Python Bridge support for python 3.6