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Python Bridge numpy absent
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22 Nov 2022 10:06 AM
    I recently installed IDL 8.8.3 and decided to setup the bridge to Python. I added to the PATH variable and ran in the correct directory. Everything looks OK. In Python 3.7.6 I can run
    from idlpy import *
    When I run in IDL > np=Python.Import('Numpy') I get
    % PYTHON::LOAD: numpy is not installed for this python distribution and is required for the IDL-python bridge. numpy can be installed by running "c:\users\d.van.dusschoten\Anaconda3\python.exe -m pip install numpy".
    numpy is installed in ....Anaconda3\lib\site-packages so I also added this to PATH.
    Same error. I ran the command as suggested by IDL, but obviously that didn't work since numpy is already installed. So here I am stuck, again. I've never managed to get this bridge to work, but now I really need it...

    Hopefully someone can help me out here.
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