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Last Post 24 Aug 2022 08:57 AM by  Mari Minari
SAM un ENVI Modeler
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Jose Manuel Lattus

New Member

New Member

18 Aug 2022 02:10 PM
    Hello! I try to run a Spectral Angle Mapper Classification in ENVI Modeler, but the input I want to search is a spectra on an Spectral Library (just one spectra) nad need the Rule file.
    The tool ask me for MEAN, that is Number of Bands and classes... but I cannot understand, I bput all image bandas and one class : [322,1] ... the I try with two spectra and choos [322,2] I have different warnings error in both.

    Also when you have a ROI you can export ir to CSV, this is not possible in Modeler?

    thanks a lot

    JM Lattus

    Mari Minari

    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member

    24 Aug 2022 08:57 AM
    SAM is not designed to run on spectral libraries but you can try to trick it to work by creating a cube from a library:
    If it is only a single spectrum, then you could also use Spectral Analyst to see how well it matches known spectra from a library.

    There is not a task for ROI to csv but there is API, which could be used to generate a custom task that could be added to modeler.

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