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Last Post 21 Dec 2021 01:09 AM by  Ellen Wasbø
QUERY_DICOM return zero for dicom files
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21 Dec 2021 01:09 AM
    I have some dicom files not being recognized as dicom by IDL, but recognized by other dicom readers/viewers. One example is from the newest softwareupdate for an x-ray vendor export raw images in a dicom format where QUERY_DICOM return zero. The file can be read by other software including MicroDicom and ImageJ so the vender claim that there is nothing wrong with the dicom files. Another example: Some processed images, both for old and new gamma camera, return zero on QUERY_DICOM. The files can be read by ImageJ. And a third example: DICOMDIR - a file often accompanying dicom files causes crash when applying QUERY_DICOM. I prevent the crash by checking the filename and avoiding QUERY_DICOM on it.

    Now I have this workaround opening the dicom images in ImageJ, exporting image and header as txt and reading those txt files in IDL. This is quite cumbersome and I hope to read these dicom files in IDL as they are recognized by other softwares.

    I can provide files for testing/troubleshooting.
    You are not authorized to post a reply.