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Last Post 24 Sep 2020 01:35 PM by  Kenneth Bowman
IDL license server failing
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Kenneth Bowman

New Member

New Member

24 Sep 2020 01:35 PM
    After our IT staff installed routine software updates on our CentOS systems, the license server is failing completely.

    nexrad1> idl
    Sentinel HASP: Failed to lock global fridge lock

    Sentinel HASP: hasp_cleanup() was called (or the HASP API was unloaded) while a HASP call was active in another thread.
    Before deinitializing the HASP API you must ensure that no other thread is using it, otherwise a crash will likely happen.

    IT staff have not been able to resolve the problem and have not gotten much support from Harris. We've been running a site license here for 25 years and have never had problems like we've had in the last year.

    Ken Bowman
    You are not authorized to post a reply.