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0 Replies and 6 Views reading and processing multiple bands into one big file  6  0 Started by  David Hein-Griggs Hello, I am helping a PhD student automate processing of hundreds of huge satellite imagery files. These imagery files have been split into individuals files per band in the process of correcting metadata in a previous step. These band files all have the same names -- only the directory names are different based on the name of the source satellite imagery file. 29/09/2020 00:31 644 alpha.bin.hdr 29/09/2020 01:24 419,576,868 alpha.bin.img &91;snip&93; 2...
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24 Oct 2020 06:30 PM
0 Replies and 15 Views IDL 8.8 Workbench, icon sizes (Win10 x64)  15  0 Started by  Kip Matthews In upgrading to IDL 8.8.0 from 8.7.2 (on a Windows 10 64-bit PC), the icons of the buttons in the IDL Workbench (for New Pro File, Cut, Paste, Compile, etc.) are drastically smaller in size than they were in the 8.7.2 Workbench (very problematic on a UHD-resolution monitor). In the 8.7.2 workbench, one could right-click on the toolbar and get an option to show text on the buttons, or to use small small icons; the 8.8 Workbench doesn't provide these options. I don't see any settings in Preference...
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15 Oct 2020 12:08 PM
0 Replies and 32 Views IDL program stops at regular intervals  32  0 Started by  Ellen Hi guys, My IDL program stops automatically at regular intervals, about 2 hours, although it can run successfully every time after I restart it. The error message is: Failed to open image. This may be due to SELinux settings. Please see the Release Notes for ENVI, or contact your System Administrator. Error message: OBJ_NEW: IDLnaReaderRaster unable to connect to data Unable to invoke method on NULL object reference: )>. The halted line is at my ENVITask('ReprojectGLT'). I hav...
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05 Oct 2020 09:19 AM
1 Replies and 108 Views Importing library  108  1 Started by  Deepjyoti Satpathy I'm completely new to IDL and don't understand it much. Trying to run a simple code: tab = mrdfits('Sample.fits',1). Running this code shows an error - Variable is undefined: MRDFIT. In this regard I wanted to ask, how do I import the library
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
11 Sep 2020 12:24 PM
0 Replies and 200 Views IDL PRINT format code problem  200  0 Started by  Jim Uba Q: Why does the following fail to print as expected IDL> a1 = 1 IDL> a2 = 2 IDL> a3 = 3 IDL> print,format='(8a,i02,i08,a3,i02,a4)', 'abcdefgh',a1,a2,'ijk',a3,'LMNO.txt' abcdefgh 1 2ijk 3LMNO.txt I expect output like: abcdefgh0100000002ijk03LMNO A: The first format code '8a' is not correct for the desired output. '8a' specifies output for 8 strings. Instead, the correct format code should be 'a8'. For example: IDL> print,format='(a8,i02,i08,a3,i02,a4)', '...
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27 Aug 2020 06:40 PM
0 Replies and 225 Views Widget focus  225  0 Started by  Jürgen Koglin Hello, I have several floating draw widgets. All these widgets have the same level hierarchy. Setting the input focus automatically on one of these widgets, when I move the mouse over it, works fine. Unfortunately, 'widget_control, /input_focus' does not only set the focus on the widget, but also brings the widget to the front. How can I set the input focus on the draw widget without bringing it to the front Which means, if applicable the widget should stay behind the others and not be pu...
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18 Aug 2020 05:36 AM
2 Replies and 357 Views plotting points on maps  357  2 Started by  Ben Felzer I am trying to plot filled and unfilled circles on a map - the unfilled circles appear as white circles, but I would like them to have a black outline around them. Is that possible (here are the commands I am using). A = FIndGen(47) * (!PI*2/46.) UserSym, cos(A), sin(A), /fill PLOTS,lon,lat,a,PSYM=8,SYMSIZE=0.75, LINESTYLE=0, COLOR=vcolors, THICK=5
2 357
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
03 Aug 2020 01:47 PM
1 Replies and 227 Views Compile option disabled!! IDL command Prompt not working  227  1 Started by  Jorge Lozano The compile button is disabled, the cmd does not give the option to insert commands. When I tried to right click on project 'Build project ' a dialog box pops up with the following message: 'An internal error occurred during: 'Build Project'. Attempt to send message to IDL before IPS initialization complete. Clients must ensure IPS is ready or implement ServerReadyListener before calling this method.' Does any body have an idea what is going on I am totally new to IDL so excuse me if ...
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
03 Aug 2020 12:08 PM
1 Replies and 212 Views Help understanding portion of a script  212  1 Started by  John Hageter I'm not the best with IDL but I have found my way around it. One thing I keep coming across while looking at a portion of an old script is 'arr' before each array, but I don't understand where the input is coming from; function impact, arr, r fl=(findgen(100)1.)/100. parr=arr&91;*,0&93; for i=1,n_elements(arr&91;0,*&93;)-1 do begin nx=arr&91;0,(i-1)&93;(arr&91;0,i&93;-arr&91;0,(i-1)&93;)*fl ny=arr&91;1,(i-1)&93;(arr&91;1,i&93;-arr&91;1,(i-1...
1 212
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
03 Aug 2020 12:06 PM
2 Replies and 294 Views Saving variable incrementaly  294  2 Started by  Sébastien Flament How could I save a variable in a file inside a loop incrementaly
2 294
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
03 Aug 2020 11:58 AM
1 Replies and 135 Views how to access AWS from IDL  135  1 Started by  Brian I searched around, but was not able to find anything especially useful as far as examples or documentation on how to access AWS datasets from within IDL. In particular, I would like to get satellite data from GOES-16 and 17: Any hints or leads would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Brian
1 135
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
03 Aug 2020 11:55 AM
5 Replies and 747 Views Is this a dead language?  747  5 Started by  Chris Lauer How long will IDL keep running
5 747
by  Mari MinariJump to last post
22 Jul 2020 12:00 PM
1 Replies and 308 Views Interrupt embbeded Java Thread with CTRLC  308  1 Started by  IKhokhriakov Dear L3Harris Forum, I have a question concerning using embedded Java processes into IDL (Java-IDL bridge). Specifically I need to catch and process CTRLC while executing long running Java process from within IDL. Just listening for Thread.isInterrupted does not work. The source code of the embedded Java library can be found here: Thanks in advance.
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by  IKhokhriakovJump to last post
13 Jul 2020 04:00 AM
0 Replies and 167 Views multi-thread warning command line?  167  0 Started by  Wouter Schellekens Hi All, Recently, I've been getting this warning when I run a script from the command line (not from within the developer environment): OMP: Warning 190: Forking a process while a parallel region is active is potentially unsafe. Quite often the script will hang and not finish when this warning comes. It sounds like there's an issue with multi thread processing, but I'm not sure. Anyone have any good ideas on this issue and how to solve it I'm running IDL 8.7.3 on x64 Debian GNU/Linux ...
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17 Jun 2020 04:14 AM
3 Replies and 269 Views IDL8.7.3 and Catalina: issue accessing data on external HD  269  3 Started by  Luc Arnold To IDL8.7.3 and macOS 10.15 Catalina users (I'm running Catalina 10.15.4 on a 2019 MB Pro) I have an error with readfits() or mrdfits() when the image is on an external HD or an USB key. Compiled module: $MAIN$. MRDFITS: File access error MRDFITS: OPENR: Error opening file. Unit: 100, File: /Volumes/LaCie/data_spy/image.fits Illegal variable attribute: WAVE. Execution halted at: $MAIN$ From the terminal, I can cd to /Volumes/LaCie/data_spy/ and ls all my files... I ...
3 269
by  Luc ArnoldJump to last post
02 Jun 2020 01:06 PM
4 Replies and 263 Views idl_lapack.dll not found  263  4 Started by  Peter VOGT The purpose of this post is to indicate that something with the MS-Windows 32bit, idl_lapack.dll under in IDL 8.7.3 seems to be wrong. Background: I have a IDL program which requires 32bit MS-Windows libraries. With IDL 8.7.2 and using the make_rt command, I successfully built an IDLVM in which my program works fine. When I do the same under IDL 8.7.3, running the program in the 8.7.3-based IDLVM will crash with the error message: Plot: Error loading sharable executable. Symbol: IDL_Load, ...
4 263
by  Jim UbaJump to last post
11 May 2020 07:07 PM
0 Replies and 147 Views Creating ROIs for a dataset and collect pixel values  147  0 Started by  Bereket Mamo I am doing remote sensing work and have a dataset containing a few hundred images. Each image has several bands, which contain information such as reflectance, incidence angle, longitude and latitude information. My goal is to create a database of reflectance and other information contained in the other bands on a pixel-by-pixel basis. 1. To reduce the large amount of data this would generate, I would like to create a region of interest (ROI) around a specified location of the surface and ap...
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07 May 2020 11:37 AM
0 Replies and 128 Views problem saving graphics  128  0 Started by  André Knöfel Hi, I have the following problem when saving graphics on Windows 10 with IDL 8.7.2 I create a graphic and save it in a PNG file using the Save Method. A normal graphic can be seen here as an example: From time to time, however, a graphic is created that sometimes shows bars instead of labels. Here is an example: The faulty bars are usually in an identical position. Th...
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06 May 2020 02:04 PM
0 Replies and 172 Views ARM processor support?  172  0 Started by  Peter VOGT Apple will release its first Mac powered by an ARM processor in 2021, Bloomberg reports. It is quite logical that Apple will switch to ARM in the near future. Will a future IDL version work on ARM so we can use IDL on future Macs and iPads That would be cool.
0 172
05 May 2020 06:09 AM
0 Replies and 840 Views Get title Widget_Base  840  0 Started by  Jürgen Koglin In the widget_base() function it is possible to set the title using the 'title=...' keyword. This function works fine, but how can I get (read) the current title of an existing widget
0 840
08 Apr 2020 01:51 AM
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