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0 Replies and 55 Views HDF5 Question  55  0 Started by  Marcos Montes Does IDL have support for 'dimension scales' in its H5 routines I see it in various Python, Fortran, and C implementations. But I cannot see anything similar in IDL's H5 routines. For example, the calls to H5DS at this thread: . Thanks for any input. -Marcos
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14 Apr 2022 06:48 AM
0 Replies and 72 Views lamda's as elements of a dictionaries  72  0 Started by  Evan Fishbein This code simplifies the situation: compile_opt strictarr ec=hash() ec =dictionary('l', lambda('x:x^2') ) a={a:lambda('x:x^2')} scr=ec&91;'l'&93; scr1=a.a print, scr(1), scr1(1) What is the syntax for accessing the lambda expression without the dummy variables scr and scr1. For example ec.l(1), (ec.l)(1), ((ec.1))(1) all return 'undefined method for dictionary' or 'syntax errors.'
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01 Apr 2022 04:20 PM
1 Replies and 69 Views Spectral Match  69  1 Started by  Nathan Wainstein Hello, How can I match spectra with IDL like for example with Spectral Analyst Tool in ENVI Thanks, Nathan
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
30 Mar 2022 09:39 AM
1 Replies and 204 Views QUERY_DICOM return zero for dicom files  204  1 Started by  Ellen Wasbø I have some dicom files not being recognized as dicom by IDL, but recognized by other dicom readers/viewers. One example is from the newest softwareupdate for an x-ray vendor export raw images in a dicom format where QUERY_DICOM return zero. The file can be read by other software including MicroDicom and ImageJ so the vender claim that there is nothing wrong with the dicom files. Another example: Some processed images, both for old and new gamma camera, return zero on QUERY_DICOM. The files can ...
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
14 Mar 2022 05:08 PM
0 Replies and 1987 Views How to determine which US state a point is located in?  1987  0 Started by  Ben Castellani There is no routine built into IDL to do this by default. However, it is very simple using the stock states shapefile and the IDLanROI object class: See the provided example function below which can be used to identify the state containing the specified point: function stateFinder, longitude, latitude ; NAME: ; stateFinder ; ; PURPOSE: ; This function returns the name of the US state containing the specified point....
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14 Mar 2022 11:00 AM
1 Replies and 159 Views Plot transparency issue IDL8.8.2  159  1 Started by  Wouter Schellekens Hi IDL experts, When I plot symbols with the plot or scatterplot function, the transparency of the symbols is high. I cannot get it to zero, and appears to be transparency=50 by default. I can increase it to values higher than transparency=50. However, the issue only occurs when displaying within IDL and not when I save it to e.g. a png-file. I'd like to see my figures exactly as I would save them, so I'd know what I'm saving. How can I fix this I'm using IDL8.8.2 on Linux Debian 11 Tha...
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
03 Mar 2022 10:21 AM
1 Replies and 174 Views Skip images with no pixels  174  1 Started by  Paul Manley I diced some images and then want to extract spectra the spectra from the dices. Because of how I diced the images, there are now dices that have no pixel information. Instead of manually removing those, I want the foreach loop to skip the ones with no pixels. When running this code: 1 foreach file, files do begin 2 raster1 = e.OpenRaster(file) 3 ;Define ROI with Threshold 4 roi = ENVIROI() 5 roi.AddThreshold, raster1, 182, min_value=0, max_value=1 6 7 pixelData = raste...
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by  Dane NguyenJump to last post
21 Feb 2022 10:18 PM
6 Replies and 1332 Views IDl bug  1332  6 Started by  Francesca Scipioni I use IDL 8.8, and I recently upgraded my OS to Big Sur. After that I notice that, when I press return on the keyboard to go to the next line, the line below disappears. This happens because the process of creating a new blank line by pressing the return key takes a very long time. After a new line is created, the delated line appears again. I also noticed that if I move the IDL window, the new line appears right away. This is a very annoying problem, how can I solve it
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by  Douglas EdmondsJump to last post
17 Feb 2022 09:54 AM
6 Replies and 1356 Views Mac OS 12 Monterey breaks IDL  1356  6 Started by  Henry Chapman I recently upgraded to Monterey on my mac and now IDL crashes as soon as you invoke a window in X-windows: IDL> plot, findgen(10) Error: Unresolved inheritance operation I tried reinstalling X-Quartz (which was up to date at version 2.8.1) but this didn't help. Thanks, Henry
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by  Laurent MirioniJump to last post
03 Feb 2022 03:48 AM
0 Replies and 144 Views calling IDL system routines from DLM  144  0 Started by  Mark Baumgartner I would dearly love to be able to access the NetCDF routines in the NCDF DLM from my own C code packaged in my own DLM. This is a specific case of the more general problem of needing to access IDL system routines from within a user-written DLM. Is there an interface for this One option is to use IDL_ExecuteStr(), but this appears to be discouraged in the IDL documentation (and is really inefficient). I had thought that defining an external function in my DLM code as follows: extern IDL_V...
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24 Jan 2022 09:55 AM
2 Replies and 1209 Views IDL VM splash screen question  1209  2 Started by  Jim Uba Question: The IDL Virtual Machine (IDL VM) displays a splash screen when running a .SAV. We are trying to run this .SAV from another application through a command line shell execute, and it causes the splash screen to appear. Is there an easy way we can suppress this splash screen
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by  Hugh EvansJump to last post
10 Dec 2021 05:20 AM
0 Replies and 289 Views IDL bug: reading an ENVI file created by Python  289  0 Started by  Enayat Aria I have created several classification maps by Python coding and saved them as envi files. I want to assess the classification map and produce confusion matrices. Since I already have an IDL code using ENVI functions for classification assessments, I tried to open the ENVI files in IDL using envi_open_file but it sends r_fid=-1 and can not open them. The files can be directly opened by ENVI and there is no problem. When I have saved the file in ENVI, (using 'save as') as a standard envi file...
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30 Nov 2021 07:45 AM
5 Replies and 443 Views Issues Running Code on IDL 8.8  443  5 Started by  Sarah Vezzetti I recently downloaded IDL to run some particle tracking scripts and I am having issues running them on IDL 8.8. I can run the scripts on IDL 7.1 without any issues but on 8.8 I see the following code. Any advice on how to solve this and run my this scripts hash((rrimask) mod bignum) = 0 ^ Syntax error. At: /Applications/harris/idl88/lib/IDL kit/kit3d/, Line 199 if nw gt 0 then hash((rrimask(w) mod bignum)) = 0 ^ Syntax error. At: /A...
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
19 Nov 2021 11:43 AM
0 Replies and 203 Views MORPH_DISTANCE  203  0 Started by  Richard Ketcham The 1D calculation in MORPH_DISTANCE seems off, in that it automatically sets the borders to background, even if not told to. For example: print, Morph_Distance(&91;1,1,1,0,0,0&93;) returns 0 1 1 0 0 0 when the two reasonable answers would seem to be 1 2 1 0 0 0 or 3 2 1 0 0 0 depending on how the edge is treated. But, the second number should be 2 either way. The documentation says 'I...
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12 Nov 2021 01:02 PM
4 Replies and 281 Views Not authorized to send Apple events -1743  281  4 Started by  Ronn Kling I'm not even sure this in an IDL issue,, but I'm curious if anyone has run into this THANKS! Ronn Kling
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
12 Nov 2021 09:53 AM
4 Replies and 330 Views Fail to write PNG file  330  4 Started by  Nicolas Slusarenko I have an IDL code that generates and saves several images in PNG format, running with IDL v7.0. Its working fine. I am testing the same code with IDL v8.8. The only problem I found is that the procedure WRITE_PNG fails. Both ones on Linux CentOS 7.0, 64 bits, x86. This is the error message I got, &91;error &93; WRITE_PNG: libpng warning: Application built with libpng-1.2.59 but running &91;error &93; with 1.5.13 &91;debug &93; WRITE_PNG: Unable to initial...
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
08 Nov 2021 11:05 AM
3 Replies and 442 Views copy paste in editor ignores new lines  442  3 Started by  Michael Lawler I've been running some IDL code on Windows (IDL vers 8.7.2) and have recently been migrating to a Mac system (OS 10.15.3, IDL 8.8.0). In the IDL text editor on the Mac, on existing .pro files I used on Windows, I find that when I copy and paste multiple lines, the lines appear as one line. This makes editing programs extremely tedious. If I generate new files, there is no such issue- copy and paste of multiple lines works normally. This appears to be a 'new line' character issue. In the existing...
3 442
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
08 Nov 2021 09:37 AM
1 Replies and 554 Views IDLGRCLIPBOARD::DRAW: not working in v8.8  554  1 Started by  Andrew Maudsley I’ve been using the CLIPBOARD function from Fanning’s Coyote library, , for many years, but it does not work in v8.8 and 8.8.1. Has anyone fixed this already The error is IDLGRCLIPBOARD::DRAW: Unable to acquire device context. Execution halted at: CLIPBOARD 168 Which is at the line theClipboard->Draw, thisView (the line number is different from the Coyote library function as I added some options) The example in the IDL h...
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
21 Oct 2021 09:16 AM
1 Replies and 212 Views List() in 8.8.1  212  1 Started by  Richard Ketcham After updating to IDL 8.8.1, I found that one of my structures now generates an error. Here's an abbreviated version: struct = {B3D_PSFAccumStats, $ entryStack : List() } When I try to run my program, I get the error: LIST::RESET: This method was deprecated in IDL 8.8.1, please refactor your code to not call it. Is there a different way to now declare this so it can be in a structure, or some other workaround
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
21 Oct 2021 08:30 AM
1 Replies and 391 Views IDL crash or shut down  391  1 Started by  Xu Zhang My IDL version is 8.7.3 and I am using windows 10 system. My IDL often shuts itself down without any warning or error message while the program is running on IDL. I could not find any error log information on windows event viewer. Other softwares like matlab on my desktop do not seem to have such issues. Is there any other information that I should provide
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
09 Sep 2021 08:51 AM
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