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0 Replies and 8 Views Seamless mosaicking hanging without errors  8  0 Started by  Federico Carotenuto I'm trying to run a seamless mosaicking procedure on a relatively big dataset (25 images, 186 bands per image, roughly 1400*6100 pixels per image). The procedure starts correctly, the progress bar fills completely, but the process never finishes. Even if the progress bar is completely filled, the GUI still shows 'Exporting results' but the mosaic files seems untouched since many hours from the beginning of the procedure: I've started the mosaic yesterday at roughly 8 PM, now it's 1 PM the day...
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20 Apr 2021 04:54 AM
6 Replies and 567 Views WorldView-2 Radiometric calibration  567  6 Started by  Jane Meiforth Dear team at Harris Geospatial, I saw in the Envi 5.6 release notes under 'Fixed issues' that the 'Radiometric calibration of WorldView data was incorrect.' (ENVI-72153). Does this mean that the calibration with earlier versions was not correct What are the new parameters How big is the difference From my understanding Envi was calculating the Gain from the WorldView metadata file (gain = 0.1* AbsCalF actor / FWHM) and the offset was set to 0. However, Digital Globe published adjusting...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
10 Mar 2021 06:00 AM
5 Replies and 463 Views FLAASH - zenith and azimuth angle for WorldView-2  463  5 Started by  Jane Meiforth Dear Team at Harris Geospatial, when I add the zenith and azimuth angles for an image from the off-nadir WorldView-2 sensor taken in New Zealand, the reflectance values in the coastal and blue bands decline to values under zero even in vegetated areas outside shadow and water bodies. I am already using parameters with low water vapor and aerosol according to the clear atmosphere in New Zealand (US standard atmosphere, maritime aerosol, 70km visibility). I wonder if I did something wrong with ca...
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by  Jane MeiforthJump to last post
20 Feb 2021 03:01 PM
9 Replies and 983 Views Calibrating Landsat TM and ETM with ENVI 4.7  983  9 Started by  VeraMaria Hello Guys, this is Vera from Germany! I feel like an absolute beginner with ENVI and there are several problems I have with Opening Landsat (TM and ETM) Metadata Files with ENVI. My Goal is to send the file through calibration processing. Program used: ENVI 4.7.; Image is Landsat 7 ETM. My proceeding: I downloaded a Level 1 Landsat Data File (27 Feb 2000), unzipped it etc. The unzipped file is this (copied from metadata.txt): FILE_NAME_BAND_1 = "LE71940252000058EDC00_B1.TIF"...
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by  Lisbeth HerreraJump to last post
19 Feb 2021 02:24 PM
4 Replies and 12158 Views ENVI 5.4 Trial Version  12158  4 Started by  John scientist Dear Sir or Mam I want to know that, is there any trial version for envi 5.4 and idl 8.6 could you guide me please sincerely,
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by  u3f hoJump to last post
15 Feb 2021 04:50 AM
1 Replies and 361 Views Principal component analysis  361  1 Started by  John Galimberti I am trying to reproduce the PCA implemented in ENVI with IDL. I get the same covariance matrix but when I compute the eigenvectors (by using EIGENQL) I get some different results. The eigenvectors have the same shape but somethimes change sign so the final result is not the same. The same behaviour is obtained if I use the PCOM function. How does ENVI compute the eigenvectors of the covariance matrix Thanks, John
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
01 Feb 2021 10:06 AM
2 Replies and 416 Views AST_05 (Surface Emissivity)  416  2 Started by  sedat sedat Should i apply atmospheric correction AST_05 (Surface Emissivity TIR) data. Also which gets better results for geological features AST_05 (surface emissivity TIR) or AST_09T (surface radiance TIR)
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by  sedat sedatJump to last post
28 Jan 2021 12:29 PM
0 Replies and 355 Views Class Distribution (SAM)  355  0 Started by  sedat sedat Hi. I am working with AST_07XT(atmospherically and cross talk corrected) product of ASTER in ENVI Classic 5.3. When i use supervised classification method with Spectral Angle Mapper (SAM) algorithm, i open a single color image to display overlay classification. Then i have a look class distribution to decide about which classes i sould convert to vector for GIS. For example i see 15 distribution of hornblend (USGS Spec. Lib.) when choose class ditribution on classification interactive tool opti...
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27 Jan 2021 05:04 PM
1 Replies and 428 Views envi 5.3 hangs just first time  428  1 Started by  Jorge Balsa I have installed envi 5.3.1 on Linux, also on Windows. The first time I run envi ($envi -classic on Linux) it takes a long time for the popoup window to respond. It hangs for more than 30 minutes. The next times it works fine I have tried: - delete .idl (on user home) - run idl, then run .FULL_RESET_SESSION and restart the computer but it didn't work. Can somebody help me Thanks in advance.
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by  Jorge BalsaJump to last post
20 Jan 2021 02:25 AM
0 Replies and 396 Views MNF statistics  396  0 Started by  John Galimberti Hello, I am filtering some hyperspectral data by using the inverse MNF transform. Doing the inverse transform, I eliminate the noisiest MNF components. How do I get an estimate of the signal percentage lost in the denoised data Thanks, John
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07 Jan 2021 07:18 AM
0 Replies and 408 Views Unable to save Custom Equirectangular projection parameters values  408  0 Started by  Garima Sodha Hi, I am using ENVI 5.5 and while saving custom Equirectangular projection, the input parameters are not saved correctly in the projection file (map_proj.txt). I am giving different values of parameters but all the values (for Sphere radius, latitude of true scale, longitude of center meridian) are saved as 0 in the projection file (map_proj.txt). Please help me with this issue.
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28 Dec 2020 01:10 AM
1 Replies and 421 Views ENVI modeler: layer stack from multispectral and panchromatic  421  1 Started by  Morgan Bond I am trying to use ENVI modeler (I do not have access to IDL), in ENVI 5.6 to process some Worldview-2 satellite imagery. What I have: Worldview-2, level 1b imagery Each 'image strip' consists of 7 multispectral and 7 associated panchromatic images. A .imd file provides information for image calibration A rpc file provides information for orthorectification. What would like to do: Use modeler to open each of the 7 multispectral files, and calibrate to TOA, the orthorectify the ima...
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by  Jason WolfeJump to last post
21 Dec 2020 02:00 PM
4 Replies and 614 Views ENVI 5.3 classic startup issue - envi_check_updates / json_parse error  614  4 Started by  Vipool Rathod ENVI 5.3 classic mode does not seem to run across our Linux systems anymore. Below is the full error: JSON_PARSE: Unknown JSON, expecting true, false, null, number, string, '{', or '&91;' : / Execution halted at: ENVI_CHECK_UPDATES 594 ENVI_CLASSIC 493 ENVI 445 $MAIN$
4 614
by  Vipool RathodJump to last post
12 Nov 2020 12:00 PM
5 Replies and 595 Views ASTER 07XT Available Band List  595  5 Started by  sedat sedat I want to work with '07XT_ASTER L2 Surface Reflectance VNIR and Crosstalk Corrected SWIR V003' product. So recently i order and download ASTER scene ( AST_07XT_00305192005082601_20201001075438_21295.hdf and *.hdf.met files) for my project. I order this AST_07XT data level because i don't want to apply any atmospheric or cross talk correction to AST_L1T data set. But when i import the data to ENVI 5.3, band order and wavelengths are listed as below; ASTER VNIR Band1: 0.6610 ASTER VNIR Ban...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
03 Nov 2020 05:56 AM
1 Replies and 485 Views ENVI modeler specify stretch with Max and Min value  485  1 Started by  Morgan Bond I am trying to use ENVI modeler to speed up my raster stretch process for many images. However, one aspect that slows me down is that I would like to perform a square root stretch in envi modeler. To do this I need to first calculate statistics for each file, and add in the min and max values as a vector for each band (e.g. &91;12,74,160,619,42,138,1293&93;). Is there a way to speed this up by specifying that I just want the module to use the minimum and maximum values for each band (e.g. &91...
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by  Jason WolfeJump to last post
26 Oct 2020 02:43 PM
3 Replies and 548 Views FeatureExtraction Workflow problem  548  3 Started by  Jennifer Swenson Hi, we discovered that after running the classification in the workflow, if you go back to alter your segments (or change attributes), the Next button is grayed out/non selectable. also classes cannot be saved at this point. So, you have to start from scratch. is there any way around this it seems going back and forth would be part of a 'workflow' and would improve the final classification. (ENVI 5.5.3).
3 548
by  Jason WolfeJump to last post
08 Oct 2020 08:58 AM
1 Replies and 457 Views Capturing ENVI commands in IDL  457  1 Started by  David Hein-Griggs Hello, I am trying to help a Ph.D. student process ~80 satellite images. She has a series of steps -Combine 66 img files into one file with that many bands. -Aggregate to a lower resolution -Convert to geotiff -extract regions of interest (ROIs) She can do all this with ENVI manually, but it sure would be nice to automate to process. I have coded in IDL before (it's been a while, but I remember the basics). What I am hoping is that there's a way to see the underlying IDL command b...
1 457
by  Jason WolfeJump to last post
01 Oct 2020 08:25 AM
2 Replies and 499 Views no data value dropped in layer stack  499  2 Started by  Morgan Bond I have a large Worldview 3 scene that is composed of a panchromatic image and a multispectral image. I am using ENVI modeler to create a layer stack of the pan, multispectral, and some veg indices (e.g. NDVI). I need the resulting stack to be in byte data format (0-255) At the start of my process the multispectral and pan band images have a no data value of 0. From the multispectral I create the indices I need, then perform a linear percent stretch raster. I also stretch the multispectral ban...
2 499
by  Morgan BondJump to last post
23 Sep 2020 09:21 AM
1 Replies and 530 Views Stretch error with large raster  530  1 Started by  Morgan Bond I have a large raster (42212 x 232880, unsigned integer pansharpened WV-3 image strip, saved as an ENVI .dat file) that I would like to convert to byte data with a square root stretch. When I choose 'stretch data' and choose 'equalize' or 'square root', by percent, with output values from 0-255, I get an error: 'stretch_doit: An error has occurred during processing Error: 'attempt to subscript IN_HIST with LOC is out of range' The result may be invalid'. If I select ok, the process ends and...
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by  Jason WolfeJump to last post
28 Aug 2020 01:42 PM
6 Replies and 1198 Views Projected raster envi 5.1  1198  6 Started by  Diego Diaz Hi, can someone tell me how can i do something like (In Envi 4.7) Map--> Convert map projection in Envi 5.1 I guess that i must use the projected raster tool, but the problem is that i have a custom datum that i want to use. In Envi 4.7 i just add the datum to the datums text file, but in Envi 5.1 it doesn´t work. Actually what i want is to project from UTM WGS84 29 to ED1950 UTM 30, i should use the NTv2 grid to perform the transformation, i have found a folder in the exelis direct...
6 1198
by  ANINDITA MOHANTYJump to last post
26 Aug 2020 01:11 AM
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