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0 Replies and 2 Views Bug in Image Registration Workflow  2  0 Started by  Federico Carotenuto I am running the image co-registration workflow in ENVI 5.6.2, but it keeps asking to overwrite the tie-points file, restarting the co-registration and so on and so forth. I have two file: BaseFile.dat (with corresponding BaseFile.hdr), WarpFile.dat (with corresponding WarpFile.hdr). I try to co-register them with the image co-registration workflow, I reach the window where it runs the co-registration, the progress bar finishes, then instead of completing the procedure ENVI keeps asking if I...
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31 Jan 2023 02:56 AM
3 Replies and 591 Views DEM extraction  591  3 Started by  Drew Hi, I have worldview stereo imagery that i plan to use to extract a DEM. However, the imagery lies across two swaths and has two seperate pairs of RPC files. Although i can mosiac the imagery, the DEM extraction wizard only gives you the option to select one RPC file. After some googling i notice that Geomatica OrthoEngine has an option to stitch imagery together and combine the relative RCP files. Is this possible in ENVI Thanks in advance of any advice. Andy
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by  J. Miguel QuintanaJump to last post
27 Jan 2023 01:12 PM
1 Replies and 24 Views Subset Data from ROis in ENVI 5.6.2  24  1 Started by  Josiane Lavoie-Bélanger We purchased a copy of ENVI 5.6.2 last year in October. Our motive is to work with a novel ocean-centric Hyperspectral data, named WISE in ENVI. We are looking to extract reflectance value from specific ROis for hyperspectral data (from an experimental sensor, so not registered on any software). I have field station data I wanna compare to our hyperspectral imagery reflectance value. We found ENVI very useful to read/write the large hyperspectral tiles and see the variation in spectral reflectan...
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by  MariMJump to last post
25 Jan 2023 11:00 AM
1 Replies and 80 Views ASCII file with wavelengths and FWHM  80  1 Started by  Glen Shennan Hi, I'm using the FLAASH tool on some pre-processed data in which the band information has been lost. The tool is asking for the 'ASCII Filename containing wavelengths and fwhm'. I have the band details but I need to know what format the ASCII file is in. As in: what are the column and row names, what units should each value be in. Thanks
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by  MariMJump to last post
27 Dec 2022 08:21 AM
3 Replies and 992 Views EO1-ALi data  992  3 Started by  charlie How do I import EO1-Ali L1GST images into ENVI..Also for atmospheric correction, when asked for the sensor type; ALI sensor is not in the how do i proceed with it.
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by  MariMJump to last post
29 Nov 2022 06:05 AM
3 Replies and 109 Views FLAASH Issue?  109  3 Started by  Karen Kowalewsky I am working with some sensor test data and need to atmospherically correct it. When I run QUAC, no problems with the data converting from radiance to reflectance. However, when I run FLAASH (ENVI 5.6.3 and ENVI 5.6.2) I get negative values in the blue to green region of the spectrum. The radiance data is in W/cm-2 - sr - um and I use the conversion/gain factor of 1000 to convert to um/cm-2 - sr - nm for FLAASH. The data is float point data in BIP format. Conditions are MLS profile, urban aeroso...
3 109
by  MariMJump to last post
28 Nov 2022 10:12 AM
2 Replies and 165 Views Statistics Issues  165  2 Started by  Karen Kowalewsky I have an image that ran successfully through QUAC and when I try to run a SAM classification I get a 'Zero Array' error message. I'm using ENVI 5.6.2 looking at Planet Scope data. I run a simple band statistics and get the following: Dims: Full Scene (30,223,820 Points) Basic Stats Min Max Mean StdDev Band 1 1 12885 328.570124 270.797651 Band 2 1 11342 333.476376 334.043302 ...
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by  Karen KowalewskyJump to last post
25 Nov 2022 11:40 AM
1 Replies and 147 Views ENVI Modeler  147  1 Started by  Manaf Alkhuzaei I want to split my ROIs into training and testing, but I want to do it multiple times and get multiple results for the classification, so I created an array where the value is the SplitFraction for the SplitExamples Task and connected it to an iteration task then on to the SplitExamples Task. In ENVI Modeler I import my raster and ROIs, use ExtractExamplesFromRaster then ShuffleExamples after that, I connect it to SplitExamples. I don't understand how to select only the testing ROIs from the out...
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by  Manaf AlkhuzaeiJump to last post
23 Nov 2022 08:13 AM
2 Replies and 118 Views Using NIST spectral data in ENVI  118  2 Started by  Filip Topheri Hello ENVI community, I'm new to this so sorry for the noob questions. I'm trying to detect atmospheric methane in hyperspectral satellite data, specifically PRISMA and EnMAP, so the process should be similar to using AVIRIS-ng. The L3Harris tutorials have good guidance on how to perform spectral profile processing for ground features, but my target is atmospheric methane and I have a few questions that I hope the community can help me with. Firstly, as my target spectrum is in the atmosp...
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by  Filip TopheriJump to last post
22 Nov 2022 12:24 AM
1 Replies and 202 Views No Data values being are used in MNF  202  1 Started by  Alexander Gunyon I have set the No Data value in the envi header file but these no data values are being used in the MNF. I know the no data setting is effective because it has removed the black area that was previously around the image. This black area that was removed by the no data tag reappears after running forward 'mnf estimate noise statistics', implying this no data area is being used in the MNF stats How do I stop this from happening Thanks
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by  MariMJump to last post
01 Oct 2022 06:33 AM
1 Replies and 335 Views SAM un ENVI Modeler  335  1 Started by  Jose Manuel Lattus Hello! I try to run a Spectral Angle Mapper Classification in ENVI Modeler, but the input I want to search is a spectra on an Spectral Library (just one spectra) nad need the Rule file. The tool ask me for MEAN, that is Number of Bands and classes... but I cannot understand, I bput all image bandas and one class : &91;322,1&93; ... the I try with two spectra and choos &91;322,2&93; I have different warnings error in both. Also when you have a ROI you can export ir to CSV, this is not po...
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by  MariMJump to last post
24 Aug 2022 08:57 AM
0 Replies and 257 Views IDL API for Spectral Smoothing  257  0 Started by  Federico Carotenuto Is there a way to programmatically perform THOR Spectral Smoothing in an IDL script I could not find an API for that function. While the THOR spectral smoothing is based on the Savitsky-Golay Filter (SAVGOL in IDL), I can't manage to CONVOL it to a raster (CONVOL only accepts arrays as input, and I need to apply it to an hyperspectral image). Thanks!
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24 Aug 2022 05:02 AM
2 Replies and 233 Views SEGMENTATION IMAGE COMMAND LINE  233  2 Started by  Anouck ody Hi, I would like to use the ENVI tool 'segmentation image' in command line in IDL. Is it possible Or, how can I do to obtain similar results with IDL Thank you in advance, A.
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by  Anouck odyJump to last post
15 Aug 2022 06:32 AM
0 Replies and 288 Views SEGMENTATION IMAGE COMMAND LINE  288  0 Started by  Anouck ody Hi, I would like to use the ENVI tool 'segmentation image' in command line in IDL. Is it possible Or, how can I do to obtain similar results with IDL Thank you in advance, A.
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15 Aug 2022 05:38 AM
1 Replies and 207 Views ENVI ROI statistics  207  1 Started by  Jordan L I'm trying to gather information from ROI in an image that I am looking at and when I compute statistics, the DN values are binned. Is there a way to get the exact values of each pixel instead of binning the values together
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by  MariMJump to last post
12 Aug 2022 08:50 AM
0 Replies and 300 Views Linear Unmixing Issue  300  0 Started by  Karen Kowalewsky I'm trying to unmix the spectra in a single, 30m pixel. The input raster has 349 bands and the input spectral file that I'm using as the endmember file has 349 bands and 200 spectra. I keep getting that the number of endmembers should match the raster input file. They match, so I'm confused on the issue here unless the pixel only contains one endmember.
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27 Jul 2022 11:06 AM
2 Replies and 309 Views Spectral Analyst Issue in ENVI 5.6.2  309  2 Started by  Karen Kowalewsky I am trying to an analysis using Spectral Analyst and when I select my spectral library and hit apply instead of getting a set of spectra to select to use in the analysis, my selection is 'Histogram' and no spectral is available to select. Is this a data issue or an ENVI 5.6.2 issue Thanks.
2 309
by  Karen KowalewskyJump to last post
27 Jul 2022 11:00 AM
2 Replies and 399 Views Noise spike/bad pixel removal  399  2 Started by  Tom Nordheim This should be a pretty basic one: I have a small number of hyperspectral image cubes where there are occasional artifacts in individual spatial pixels. These usually come in the form of one or several spectral bands that have obviously erroneous values (e.g. large noise spikes) and are usually easy to spot when manually inspecting the cubes using the z profile tool. However, the affected spectral bands are not identical across a scene, so I cannot simply simply remove or flag the bands across t...
2 399
by  Tom NordheimJump to last post
22 Jun 2022 04:00 PM
0 Replies and 320 Views ENVI Modeler Question  320  0 Started by  Karen Kowalewsky I have to process a bunch of files and keep doing the same tasks with each file. So, I thought..write a program in ENVI Modeler to do the rescale, remove bad bands, and atmospheric correction. Well, easier said than done. How do I do the band math option where I apply the same scale factor to each of the 421 spectral bands I know how to do it manually, but it seems that the band math module in ENVI modeler does not give me the option to apply the band math expression to all spectral bands. Is t...
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22 Jun 2022 01:07 PM
5 Replies and 345 Views Unit conversion  345  5 Started by  Karen Kowalewsky What is the recommended way to apply the conversion factor (10^-3) to convert J/cm^2 sr um or W*s/cm^2 sr um to uW/cm^2 sr nm Would I do this is ENVI Classic Basic Tools or in the ENVI GUI Raster Tools or Radiometric correction tools
5 345
by  Karen KowalewskyJump to last post
15 Jun 2022 07:17 AM
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