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Hyperspectral Classification Workflows Integrating Dimensionality Expansion for Multispectral Imagery


Authors: Daniel C. Heinz, Thomas Bahr and Greg Terrie (Harris Geospatial Solutions) Many methods... more »

Using UAV Imagery and Deep Learning for Wind Turbine Inspection


Presented at Wind Europe Summit 2018

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Vegetation Analysis: Using...

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ENVI Orthorectification Module

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ENVI Tools for ArcGIS® and ENVI for...

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Enterprise Geospatial Solutions from Exelis Inc.


CLOUD-BASED DATA ANALYSIS IS THE FUTURE Over the past decade the proliferation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in both military and commercial applications has been increasingly driven by developments in web technology. The ability to search, discover, and consume geospatial data and information over a network has made web mapping... Read More >

ENVI and IDL Services Engine : Getting Maximum Performance


ENVI in the Cloud Background For the past 30 years Exelis – Visual Information Solutions (VIS) has been delivering premier scientific data analysis tools and solutions to researchers, analysts, and businesses through the IDL and ENVI platforms. ENVI and IDL are maintained and developed to meet the needs of the broad community of users for both analytics... Read More >

ENVI for ArcGIS® - Services Edition : Image Processing for the Cloud


INTRODUCTION Exelis Visual Information Solutions has recently released a new version of its popular ArcGIS®-enabled ENVI software. The ENVI image processing software has long been best in class for image analysis and visualization. With an ENVI desktop license, ENVI image analysis tools are readily available in the ArcGIS environment and... Read More >

ENVI in the Cloud


Abstract The adoption of cloud computing by the geospatial industry has identified issues that have both inhibited and driven enterpriselevel deployment of image analytics capabilities. Data and analytics requirements, shrinking budgets, and the need for simplified, interoperable workflows all drive the development and integration of... Read More >

Site Suitability Assessment for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations


Combining State Regulations with Business Best Practice The discovery of vast amounts of natural gas reserves in the United States, combined with new extraction techniques, has caused a significant increase in the number of wells being drilled and operated around the country. Along with the economic and homeland security benefits of developing... Read More >