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L3Harris Geospatial whitepapers feature detailed technical information about how product and services have been developed and used across industries to empower you to understand the world around you.


Hyperspectral Classification Workflows Integrating Dimensionality Expansion for Multispectral Imagery


Authors: Daniel C. Heinz, Thomas Bahr and Greg Terrie (Harris Geospatial Solutions) Many methods... more »

Using UAV Imagery and Deep Learning for Wind Turbine Inspection


Presented at Wind Europe Summit 2018

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Vegetation Analysis: Using...

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ENVI Orthorectification Module

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ENVI Tools for ArcGIS® and ENVI for...

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Image Registration with High-Resolution SAR Data


Presented at the 11th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar – Hamburg, Germany – June 6-9, 2016.

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Point Cloud Based Change Detection: An Automated Approach for Cloud-based Services


Presented at the EGU General Assembly 2016 – Vienna, Austria – April 17-22, 2016

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Application of Softmax Regression and its Validation for Spectral-Based Land Cover Mapping


Presented at the ISPRS Hannover Workshop 2017 – Hannover, Germany – June 6-9, 2017.

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Building GeoServices for CloudEO Store Using ENVI®


This whitepaper illustrates how the development of GeoServices is realized through an ENVI Task. This is done without the necessity of other technologies or the development of other components.

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Harris Deep Learning Technology


Learn how Harris Geospatial Solutions uses deep learning technology to solve real-world problems. Machine learning applications have increased dramatically over the last few years, from object recognition and caption generation, to automatic language translation and driverless cars. Increased computing power, reduced cost of storage, wider...

Learn how Harris Geospatial Solutions uses deep learning technology to solve real-world problems.

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