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The Rise of GeoOps for Modern Decision Making | Dr. Jonathan Fentzke | EAS 2020

At the 2020 ENVI Analytics Symposium (EAS), Dr. Jonathan Fentzke (Techstars) presented a very high-level overview of what he calls "GeoOps." We wanted to take a much deeper dive into the concept of GeoOps, so we invited him to join our upcoming live episode of Geospatial Distancing. Join us October 27th for the season premiere of Geospatial Distancing for a live discussion with Jonathan that expands upon the concepts from his presentation. We will discuss the potential transformative impact of GeoOps on the geospatial and GIS industries as we know them today. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of GeoOps, his recorded EAS presentation is a great primer for the upcoming Geospatial Distancing episode!

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