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Highland Precision Ag Uses ENVI Crop Science to Detect Plant Stress and Target Remediation

Tight profit margins are nothing new to growers. Fertilizers and crop protection chemicals can amount to up to half of seasonal expenses in large-scale agribusinesses. Crop losses due to disease and pests can take another big bite out of yield. And, with a large portion of budgets tied up in fixed costs, remote sensing applications in precision agriculture are being looked to as one way to optimize those costs and improve margins.

To realize the potential that remotely sensed data offers, advanced analysis tools like ENVI® can be used to extract actionable information. For example, when multispectral imagery is analyzed, patterns become visible that are not clearly discernable to the human eye. This offers a window into the growth cycle that enables early stress and disease detection, and provides information so interventions can be implemented before a crop becomes permanently impaired. The good news for growers is that ENVI Crop Science now makes the information from these advanced techniques available to anyone, regardless of their prior experience with remote sensing.

Download and read the full case study here.

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