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28 Nov

Unlocking New Possibilities with Landsat 9

Erin Eckles | Comments (0) | Number of views (2448) | Article rating: 5.0

  Landsat 9 was launched in late September 2021, and on October 31st the satellite acquired a set of images known as “first light” (available online). These... Read More >

1 Nov

It’s a Bird? It’s a Plane? It’s… New Sensors on Orbit!

Rebecca Murray | Comments (0) | Number of views (8120) | Article rating: 4.6

Not quite Superman’s X-ray vision, but there are new, state-of-the-art “eyes in the sky” keeping track of the rapid changes happening in our world. And, there are even more... Read More >

17 Sep

Cost-effectively Converting Legacy IDL Desktop Applications to Enterprise Applications

Weidong Jiang | Comments (0) | Number of views (4822) | Article rating: 4.6

  Porting your IDL® application to an enterprise or cloud-based system can seem daunting. In reality, it’s quite simple and straightforward with the IDL programming... Read More >

8 Sep

NovaSAR-1 is Almost Here – Enhancing Remote Sensing Applications

Cherie Muleh | Comments (0) | Number of views (1790) | Article rating: 5.0

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is rapidly becoming a fundamental and critical dataset in geospatial analysis. Unlike many other observational methods, SAR is not limited by illumination or... Read More >

18 Aug

Using SAR to Map Damage From the Haiti Earthquake

Megan Gallagher | Comments (0) | Number of views (4568) | Article rating: 5.0

      The Sentinel-1 sensor was used to collect SAR data for DinSAR analysis that was performed with the ENVI® SARscape Analytics Displacement Map workflow. Sentinel-2... Read More >

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