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Harris Geospatial Aerial Survey Capabilities


Amazon is looking to build a second headquarters, and one site supposedly under consideration is near the Harris Geospatial offices in Broomfield Colorado. If this site is selected, then the architects, engineers, planners and construction crews will kick into high gear to prepare the site for development.  Apart from the numerous activities and research involved by the AEC community and the municipal government involved, one of the most important items to have is a good quality as-built survey and mapping of the site so all planning activities, engineering design, and site architecture can take place.  There are many ways to go about surveying a parcel prior to starting a build, but the one of the most efficient ways for land areas larger than a ¼ sq. miles is to hire a professional aerial survey service.

Harris Geospatial is a full-service topographic mapping and geospatial data provider that serves many companies and government agencies around the world.  Harris Geospatial has been operating as a topographic mapping service provider since 1951, originally as a geological consulting company specializing in oil, gas and mineral-related mining and exploration.  The company continued throughout the years to increase its scope and now is a supplier of geospatial data and mapping services to a much wider commercial market. Harris Geospatial serves a diversified market, which includes energy, civil engineering, telecommunications and utilities.  Harris Geospatial qualifies the customer regarding their level of capability for understanding and using geospatial data, and assists the customer in helping them to best utilize the information they are accessing from Harris.  This direct and helpful customer assistance maintains and grows their loyal customer base.

Highly trained professional photogrammetrists using digital stereo mapping systems simultaneously interpret, compile, and layer all image-identifiable planimetric, cultural, and topographic features from very high-resolution aerial image data.  Mapping products include digital contour files, digital terrain models (DTMs), or triangulated irregular networks (TINS).  Using pre-marked surveyed or photo-identified ground control, Harris Geospatial produces topographic maps that exceed, national mapping standards, set by the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS).  Typical aerial surveys provide as-built AutoCAD drawings that include a 3D DTM, 1.0 foot contours, and 0.25 ft. resolution orthorectified (map-corrected) aerial images that are suitable for civil engineers to plan and design the facilities prior to construction. Follow the process below from imagery collection all the way to the developed project. 

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Harris Geospatial can perform aerial surveys anywhere in North America using pressurized twin-engine aircraft with built-in sophisticated large format super-high-resolution digital mapping cameras, airborne GPS, and inertial measurement units.

A typical GPS survey aerial panel point, also known as a Ground Control Point (GCP) survey marker.  This is key to a successful aerial survey where Harris can accurately map the terrain and reference the captured topographic data to ground reference points.  GCPs must be clearly visible in the aerial image data so the aerial images can be referenced.


Our highly-experienced team of analytical stereo compilers carefully map the terrain in 3D using the captured stereo aerial image data. With good quality aerial images and GCP survey, we can map the terrain to accuracies that support 1 ft. contour mapping standards.

The 2-ft interval contours in AutoCAD were generated from DTM data that was compiled from aerial photos and survey data.


A golf course resort development in Jamaica.


Above is an aerial photo of a golf course housing development with construction underway in Loveland, Colorado.

Below is the development plan which was based on the topo base mapping Harris Geospatial completed for the developer.

1ft_contour&0.5ft_ortho.jpg width=





An aggregate quarry site mapped by satellite image data from 700 km in space!


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