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Seminar: Using IDL with Suomi NPP VIIRS data

I'm in the DC area this week to deliver a set of seminars at JHU/APL, GSFC and NSOF on using IDL to read, analyze and visualize Suomi NPP VIIRS data. In the seminars, I use a VIIRS Imagery EDR stored in a single HDF5 file downloaded from NOAA's CLASS site. I use the I-Band image data from the file to make 1) a false color composite image and 2) a cloud mask with a simplified version of a Landsat 7 ETM+ algorithm. To explore the datasets stored in a VIIRS file, I use a browser developed by Mike Galloy and David Fillmore at Tech-X. My slides and programs (including the Tech-X browser) can be downloaded from here. Update: There's now a direct link to download the files.