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Updated snow water equivalent map

Last January, I posted a link to the daily snow water equivalent (SWE) map created by Andrew Slater at NSIDC. He's since updated his website to include maps of SNOTEL stations throughout the western U.S., as well as climatology plots at these sites, an FAQ, and 30-year time series of SWE for six Colorado ski areas, as shown here: Time series of SWE for six Colorado ski areas Dr. Slater automates the site with Linux shell scripts for data retrieval and IDL for visualization (using a combination of Direct Graphics and (New) Graphics). Thanks again, Drew! Note: I'll be at the 93rd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Austin, TX, next Monday through Wednesday. Please drop me a line (mark.piper@exelisvis.com) if you'd like to meet up and talk about IDL!