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IDL 8.2.2 released!

IDL 8.2.2 is now available for download from our website, exelisvis.com. Although it's primarily a maintenance release (including 104 bugs fixed), it also has some meat, with updates in, primarily, the categories of (New) Graphics, language and file access. Here's a more detailed listing of new and improved features: Graphics Examples of box-and-whisker plots made with BOXPLOT
  • Improved multiplot and large data performance
  • New SCALE_FACTOR and SCALE_CENTER properties for the IMAGE function
  • New properties for displaying the horizon line with MAPGRID
  • CURRENT keyword now accepts a window reference
  • POSITION property is get/set for all Graphics objects
Language A comparison of PRNG algorithms in IDL File Access
  • CDF library updated to 3.4.1
  • HDF4 library updated to 4.2r8
  • HDF-EOS library updated to 2.18
Analysis Workbench Autocompletion of BEGIN-END block in the Workbench Editor
  • Editor autocompletes BEGIN-END blocks
  • Code is autoindented when pasted into Editor
I've prepared a set of programmatic examples that demonstrate several of these improvements; please grab them here [ZIP, 660 KB] and experiment with them!