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A visualization of polar winds

Earlier this fall, I worked with Hyungmin Lee (University of Colorado) on creating a visualization of polar wind data from the Goddard Earth Observing System Model, Version 5. Here's the result: Polar winds from GEOS-5 output. The top row depicts, in a polar stereographic projection, Northern Hemisphere wind data as a contour plot and as a vector plot, while the bottom row gives the same for the Southern Hemisphere. You can download the code and data I used here [ZIP, 2 MB]. It took a little more code than I expected to get a good result, but it did give me some experience in using the LONGITUDES property of MAPGRID, which (along with the LATITUDES property) was introduced in IDL 8.2. I hope that you can use it as another example of using (New) Graphics in IDL. Note: I'm out next week, but I'll be back on Thu Jan 3 with an update on Drew Slater's Colorado snow map site.


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