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ASPRS Pecora 18 Symposium


I just returned from the ASPRS Pecora 18 Symposium, held in Herndon, VA. What a great show! There were approximately 500 attendees, many of whom are using satellite imagery, aerial imagery, or LiDAR data and are looking for new ways to extract information from imagery.  Users are now receiving and accessing more data than ever before, need new ways to analyze it, and are looking to the leaders in geospatial image processing to provide examples of the power of this data.

On Monday, November 14th, I participated in an Object Oriented Image Classification workshop, hosted by Kass Green and Russ Congalton.  They led an informative workshop on the theory and practices of object based image analysis and I had the opportunity to explain our ENVI Feature Extraction method. As leaders in algorithm research and development, we were able to show users how to take their imagery and perform cutting-edge analysis on multiple data types.

As access increases combining and exploiting these multi-source datasets will become the new norm, including how applications consume and process data.  Applications demand simultaneous knowledge of many aspects of an area:  material analysis, surface properties, thermal footprints, elevation profiles, derived maps, and more; all of these datasets fused together paint a complete geospatial picture.  Data fusion, or leveraging multiple data modalities to take advantage of their strengths - is the future of image analysis and will be a major topic of discussions, demonstration, and development at future ASPRS shows.

Where do you see data fusion and geospatial image processing headed in the future?


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