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VISualize 2012: Climate Change & Environmental Monitoring

If you’re like me you probably have the occasion to attend conferences and trade shows throughout the year and learn how imagery and data are used in a variety of ways across industries.   But where can you learn about Mapping Mars with CRISM and IDL, Monitoring Coastal Wetlands with Hyperspectral Imagery, and Massively Parallelized Pathfinding to Support Archaeological Research?   Those topics were just a handful of the presentations at the 2011 VISualize conference, our annual IDL & ENVI user group meeting held at the World Wildlife Fund office in Washington DC. This June 18 and 19 we will again host VISualize 2012 at the World Wildlife Foundation in Washington DC.  In a bit of detour from the anything goes slate of presentations of the last few years, this years’ conference will focus on Environmental Monitoring.  For two days our users from industry and academia will discuss how geospatial technology is helping to understand and solve climate change and environmental monitoring challenges.  Anticipated topics include global deforestation and REDD+, global flooding and impending water shortages, atmospheric and climate applications, and data analysis and visualization. Conference registration is still open and speaker slots are still available.  Do you have an interesting geospatial application that utilizes ENVI or IDL?  Check out the call for abstracts and join us in June!


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