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NSERC Student Airborne Research Program

Exelis VIS was once again happy to support the National Suborbital Education and Research Center (NSERC) Student Airborne Research Program (SARP) over the summer.  NASA personnel and faculty from various US universities create and host the program each summer in Irvine, California.  Students from 23 different states participated in this multi-week program. A great outcome of the program is the publicly available presentations put together by the student participants, which focus on remote sensing and earth observation.  There is four years worth of student presentations available on the SARP multimedia page.  If you are new to earth observation and the type of information and answers which can be derived from it, this is a great resource to discover the possibilities working with imagery can offer. A quick look at the topics from the most recent program shows the range of study earth observation can assist, such as air quality, agriculture and vegetation monitoring, various ocean studies, and chemical analysis. Along with student reports, the public also has access to the presentations given by experts in the field of earth observation.   This program is just one example of the many great programs put on by universities and Federal Government research groups. We support programs that help teach remote sensing to students and educators, and the knowledge gained them becomes available to the public at large.  Another great example of this is the NASA run iGETT program.  This program makes available valuable teaching resources for geospatial classroom education.  What public facing outreach programs do you use to assist in your knowledge of geospatial technology?


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