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Exelis VIS Supports Student Innovation with the NASA DEVELOP Program

Thomas Harris

It’s always inspiring to see the great work students are doing with NASA data and ENVI and IDL.  Exelis VIS co-sponsored a judged competition for the ‘NASADEVELOP 2013 Virtual Poster Session’ for which winners were recently announced. The contest included 30 projects conducted by 141 participants from around the globe.

For the winners of the competition, a project team comprised of six interns at DEVELOP’s NASA Ames Research Center location, Exelis VIS will be providing a one-year trial version of ENVI+IDL. The Ames team won with their project, “Fire and Ice Wars: Battles in the Sierra Nevada Mountains,” which used NASA Earth observing satellites to monitor snow water equivalent anomalies, snowpack, and forest disturbance in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The winning NASA Ames project was one of six projects that won ‘best in category' honors based on overall project results, blogging and creativity.

Monitoring Earth’s Water Resources: best in category - “Fire and Ice Wars: Battles in the Sierra Nevada Mountains” (Ames Research Center)

Observing Earth’s Agriculture: best in category - “Analyzing Raster to Make Virginia Vineyards Vaster”(Langley Research Center)

Responding to Natural Disasters: best in category - “Unearthing Faults: Locating Unknown Faults in Southern California using NASA Earth Observations” (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Investigating Earth’s Climate and Energy: best in category - “To Flare or not to Flare: Satellite Assessment of Gas Flaring and Climate Relationships” (Stennis Space Center)

Forecasting Earth’s Ecosystems: best in category - “Stopping the Spread of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid”(University of Georgia and Marshall Space Flight Center)

Analyzing Health and Air Quality Impacts on Earth: best in category - “Fire Burning: Birmingham’s Lung Decay?” (University of Georgia and Marshall Space Flight Center)

For more information about DEVELOP,visit the DEVELOP website.

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