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AGU Fall Meeting Set for December


Looking for something to do after Thanksgiving and before Christmas? The 46th annual AGU Fall Meeting takes place this year in San Francisco, CA, from December 9 - 13. Once again, Exelis VIS will be presenting posters and a talk. I’m most interested in a poster on using ENVI Services Engine technology to enable collaborative environments for research in geographically separated sites. This poster focuses on programs at Exelis that are making scientific software more available for teaching and academic research and will be presented on the morning of December 9th. As an organization we continue to implement new ideas to allow faculty to teach with our software and develop materials to aid in lab curriculum. In the coming weeks be sure to check out ImagerySpeaks posts by my colleagues David Hulslander and Thomas Harris who will discuss in more detail their respective posters and talks for AGU.

And while 22,000 earth and space scientists are expected to attend AGU, sadly, I won't be one of them. On that note, I’d like to switch gears and throw the spotlight on a really wonderful program in Australia: The Adelaide Observatory. The program was developed by Andrew Cool, and works with high school students in Modbury Heights, Australia who want to learn about Astronomy theory and how to use a telescope. Their blog often focuses on imagery looking out from Earth, but some of the images and programs developed at the Adelaide Observatory are quite beautiful and worth a look.


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