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Real-time data dissemination meets on-demand analytics


Working in a tactical, in-theater environment means you want data that is pertinent to what is happening right now -- not what happened in the past. Time is always of the essence and you need your data delivered to you quickly, in an easy-to-use and reliable method. Whether the mission demands a video stream to rapidly observe a hi-risk zone, real-time collaboration among subject matter experts, or the dynamic re-tasking of an asset to gain a greater understanding of an AOI, Exelis has a suite of products that are interoperable and help you quickly make informed decisions.


Jagwire is a cloud-based solution that forms the foundation of the Exelis software suite. Jagwire discovers critical pieces of Multi-INT content needed from disparate data stores across the enterprise, and delivers them within seconds -- even to disadvantaged users in austere environments. With the recent release of Jagwire 2.0, we are adding data analytics from ENVI to augment Jagwire's real-time data delivery with on-demand information extraction. One key advantage is Jagwire brings data processing and analytics to where the data resides, allowing for complex and resource intensive data analysis, at ingest or on demand, on extremely large datasets from applications on thin or mobile clients. Examples of supported image analytics capabilities include image calibration, pan-sharpening, feature extraction, change detection and land use classification.

Learn more about Jagwire by visiting: http://www.exelisvis.com/ProductsServices/Jagwire.aspx


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