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New service to immediately download 50cm+ Imagery

Jon Coursey

The Instant Satellite Imagery Portal is a new, easy to use, DigitalGlobe imagery ordering system offered exclusively through the Harrisgeospatial.com/marketplace. Using the “clip and ship” method, customers can purchase high resolution, natural color imagery of his or her area of interest, and receive the data within hours. These captures come standard as orthorectified, with little to no cloud cover present. On top of a large archive to choose from, the Imagery Portal offers the following benefits:

  • Delivery within a few hours (compared to multiple days), with no added rush order costs
  • Lower square kilometer rate
  • 10 square kilometer minimum area required for purchase, 15 square kilometers smaller than the industry standard
  • Coverage of nearly the entire world

The imagery offered through this service is a great option for multiple types of projects. Whether you just need a picture of your house, or base map data for site building plans, you can find imagery here that can fit any budget.

How to Order

You can find and purchase the Satellite Imagery Portal data through a number of ways on our website. Once you have gone to Harrisgeospatial.com/marketplace, a banner will appear at the top, such as is seen in the image below. From here, you can either click the big red button in the middle reading “Download Current Satellite Imagery Right Now”, or click “Data Store”, which is highlighted in the tool bar at the top. If you click the “Data Store” link, you can proceed by clicking the “Satellite Imagery Now” option.

From here, you will be taken to the section where you would define your area of interest. This can be done a number of ways. In the image below, you will see where you can type in an identifier of your area (coordinates, address, city, etc.), and the tool bar which allows you to create a polygon around your area. These have both been circled. Through the “Utilities” section on the left side of the page, you can upload a KMZ or SHP file of your area as well.

Once your area has been defined, you will then be taken to the checkout page. The Imagery Portal data will be presented with the title “DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery”, as seen below. From here you can see the price, capture date, resolution, and the amount of coverage of your area provided by each image. By clicking the “View” button, you see a low resolution sample showing the coverage. While the quality will be much lower than the image you would receive, it will be enough to show if there is any cloud cover over your area.

After finding the image best suited for your project, all that’s left is filling out your contact information and credit card number. With very few exceptions, this data is accessible to anyone in almost every country. A group of sales persons and customer services representatives are also available if you have any questions regarding the imagery before committing to purchase.

Our goal with the Instant Satellite Imagery Portal is to offer the most affordable imagery of the highest resolution for as much of the world as possible. We often see requests of persons just wanting a picture of his or her house or neighborhood, and don’t have the want or the budget to pay for 25 square kilometers of imagery. This option also makes it more feasible for larger projects from, say, civil engineering or oil and gas firms. It is not uncommon for us to receive requests from such companies needing a base map image before working on a site, but will realize that the preexisting budget for the project did not account for such a high minimum area. Instead of having to opt for a lower resolution, older capture, they could now find an image at the desired resolution for a much lower cost. Even for larger scale projects, this service makes high resolution imagery more accessible and less expensive than it was before.


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