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An XPonential(ly) Great Time with ENVI Analytics in the Big Easy!

Rebecca Lasica

Thanks to everyone who was able to stop by the Harris booth last week at XPonential in “The Big Easy”! It was my first trip to such an amazing city and in addition to the great river views and beignets around every corner, I had the exciting privilege to debut our ENVI OneButton technology in conjunction with our “We’re so sure you’ll love it please try it out at no cost…” campaign (details). 

In case I missed you at the show – imagine having the ability to download an entire collection of multi-spectral UAV data, perform whatever pre-processing is required, generate a multi-band orthomosaic of your image, and perform spectral analysis to derive an output with a single solution – ENVI! Here’s a rundown of the workflow end to end:

Perform data preprocessing (if required) such as this band to band alignment and exposure adjustment (both available in the ENVI UAVToolkit):



Generate an orthomosaic using ENVI OneButton:

Perform spectral analysis, classification, temporal analysis, or other processing using ENVI. Below: OSAVI spectral index with blue-green-red-yellow color table (yellow areas are the most healthy vegetation. Red areas represent stressed vegetation):

I’d love to hear about your needs for end-to-end UAV processing workflows!


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