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Ordering from the Marketplace Just Got Better

Jon Coursey

In a blog post I wrote a few months ago, I introduced the Instant Satellite Imagery Portal section of the Harris Geospatial Marketplace. This service offers a faster, less expensive alternative to purchasing DigitalGlobe imagery directly from a sale’s representative. However, at the time, it could still take up to 48 hours for the image to be delivered following purchase. This is no longer the case. Thanks to some savvy engineering by our technical team, the wait time for imagery download has been reduced to just a few minutes.

Often times, someone will contact us with a request for imagery, but will have a deadline that would generally be impossible to meet. And even when ordering directly from a provider, the rush delivery options could still mean up to a 48 hour delivery time. This service was created with these types of requests in mind. If someone is new to purchasing imagery, they may not know the typical delivery times for satellite captures. Additionally, the need for an image could have been realized towards the very end of a project, with too little an amount of time to actually receive one. Whatever the case, our Instant Satellite Imagery Portal hopes to offer a solution for such issues.

While in the middle of automating the Portal, it occurred to our technical team that “hey, this might just work for other products”. This idea recently came to fruition, with many of our other datasets becoming immediately downloadable following purchase. Currently, the following products have been included:

-          NAIP Imagery

-          CityOrtho Imagery

-          GeoOrtho Imagery

-          SRTM Elevation Data

-          NED Elevation Data

-          Harris Gap Filled Elevation Data

These datasets can be ordered via the same process on the Portal. For our Aerial Imagery and Digital Elevation Model sections, you basically have access to the immediate download option for anything with a price listed.

Although only a few products have been set up for this service so far, we are working on making this available for any data that does not require custom processing. This will make the Harris Geospatial Marketplace one of the quickest and easiest sources for downloadable data. Vector data and topographic maps will be available very soon, with hopes of adding more sources for satellite imagery and elevation data by the end of 2016. For any project facing a deadline that requires some sort of geospatial data set, the Marketplace will soon be the solution.