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Using SAR Imagery for Road Maintenance

Cherie Muleh

How do you go about trying to find whether a building has sunk enough to become unsafe and destabilized? That might not be as much as you think. Or what if you needed to know if there has been lateral movement of a railroad due to a landslide which could cause a car to derail? When we need to know precise, fine scale answers, we can turn to SAR data for this type of knowledge.

SAR data has the ability to detect millimeter or centimeter scale movements, so you can really understand complex infrastructure decisions. Check out this blogpost by Dipak Paudyal at Esri Australia to see an example of using SAR data to monitor road subsidence. The post is called “SAR imagery – the smart solution for road maintenance.” By using remote sensing to study these sorts of infrastructure projects, we can economically use data to look at our infrastructure on a regional level.  

Have you thought about using SAR data to help with your infrastructure needs?


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