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L3Harris has partnered with exactEarth Ltd to offer a full range of Satellite Automatic Identification System (S-AIS) data services and products to provide the most timely and accurate information available to run any maritime operation safer and more efficiently than ever before. This partnership is transforming the industry with real-time advanced ship tracking solutions that optimize L3Harris' global satellite constellation for AIS.

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The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a mandatory navigational communication system based on radio frequency that was
designed to prevent ships at sea from colliding.

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L3Harris has partnered with exactEarth Ltd. to provide the most accurate maritime vessel tracking information available through a constellation of satellites and a global network of ground stations.

exactView is not only a collection of coordinated satellites, but a complete data services solution that detects and transmits AIS marine vessel information and distributes it to customers around the world. AIS messages are received at the data processing center and instantly forwarded to customers via a secure internet link, letting customers monitor and track their area of interest (AOI) to make better decisions regarding trade, security, environmental protection, search and rescue missions, and more.

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S-AIS, mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2008, improves on the existing system because it detects signals from multiple ships simultaneously (via Satellite), providing a global perspective that improves safety and creates efficiencies. L3Harris has partnered with exactEarth Ltd to take this AIS marine technology even further to deliver real-time, persistent global vessel tracking for unsurpassed maritime awareness.


From advanced ship tracking, to historical data and density maps, to custom analytics and tools, our solutions let you monitor vessels anywhere on the globe to create efficiencies in your maritime operation, counteract piracy, launch an effective search and rescue mission, and more.

Data Subscriptions

Whether you are looking to get data delivered on demand, have a constant data feed integrated into an existing operational display system, or access historical data, different subscription models offer plenty of choices and flexibility.

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The world's shipping is now at your fingertips with S-AIS data-on-demand

Implementing OGC standards, the exactEarth Geospatial Web Services™ (GWS) solution offers instant access to the exactAIS® data, in an on-demand environment.

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Use GWS and exactAIS to:

  • Access global vessel data on-demand, receiving what you want, when you need it
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing geospatial platforms and applications
  • Create custom data views of maritime activities using simple filters
  • Look back and analyze historical vessel information

The most complete global record of S-AIS marine vessel tracking

The exactAIS Archive™ gives customers access to the most expansive S-AIS historical data through a pre-packaged and customized service that dates back to July 2010.

Use exactAIS Archive to:

  • Analyze the most complete record of vessel movements on a global scale
  • Reduce risk and plan safest routes based on vessel traffic patterns and seasonal changes
  • Analyze vessel behavior patterns for the potential prosecution of illegal actions e.g. illegal ballast water exchange, marine protected area encroachment


Get the exact view you need into your maritime operation to make critical operational decisions faster than before. Now you can perform a visual analysis of shipping density patterns or locate vessels without integrating the data feed into existing operational display systems.

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The L3Harris and exactEarth partnership offers a new level of analytical capabilities to support customers with streamlining day-to-day operations, developing web applications, providing access to web APIs, and more.

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The exactTrax™ service provides an unprecedented ability to track fishing boats and small commercial vessels with AIS Class B type receivers across the globe.

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Read more about how exactEarth RT powered by L3Harris is offering maritime operations new opportunities to improve search and rescue efforts at sea, monitor illegal fishing activities, and counteract piracy.

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