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Please generate a Google KML or KMZ through Google Earth Pro using the following steps:

  1. Visit to access Google Earth
  2. Zoom to your location within Google Earth.
  3. Once located, select the “Add polygon” button (third from left) on the toolbar at the top of the map.
  4. There will be a dialog box that opens up. Be sure to select the “style, color” tab and select “outlined” under “area” as Google defaults to a solid filled polygon which can make drawing your area hard to see.
  5. Begin drawing your boundary with the left mouse button. Keep the dialog box open that pops up until you are finished with the polygon.
  6. Left click to place each point of the polygon. Vertices can be moved and deleted as required by moving cursor over vertex.
  7. Name and adjust the styles and color as required in the dialog box.
  8. Select “OK” in the dialog box to finish edit session.
  9. This will place the new polygon on the left side under “Places”.
  10. Find your polygon in the list, right click the name, and choose "Save Place As…" and save the KMZ file to your hard drive.