TrueTerrain™ Visual Simulation Products

Accurate and realistic visual simulations are critical for safely training individuals in a variety of virtual environments. However, most geospatial foundational layers do not meet cost, coverage, schedule and quality constraints. 

That’s why military, government and commercial programs across the world use L3Harris’ high-quality geo-specific correlated TrueTerrain™ bundled data layers, which includes satellite and aerial imagery, elevation data, extracted vectors and features, 3D models and multispectral material classified maps. All of these data layers are precisely correlated and registered with the accuracy and resolution that you need for visual simulation training.

L3Harris offers the most extensive selection and highest quality geospatial imagery datasets for Visual Simulation. Leveraging global partnerships with satellite and aerial providers, we offer the best solutions for project and budget requirements, whether capturing the newest data over specific airfields or providing global coverage up to 50cm. Work with one of our experts to get a detailed comparison of all geospatial data products available, including imagery, elevation, vector feature data, 3-D models, LULC, and topographic maps for your virtual trainings. Whether it’s tasking new satellite imagery collections or searching through available imagery archives, we will work quickly and effectively to make sure you get the right geospatial data products for your specific training program requirements


"Because of the scale of our productions and our ever-increasing needs for higher ground truth, we partner continuously with L3Harris to serve our needs."

       Javier Castellar
       Co-Founder & Vice President of Programs – Aechelon Technology



Eglin AFB simulation dataset demonstration


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TrueTerrain™ Airport Bundle Stack Delivers Quality Assurance


TrueTerrain provides a multi-use working dataset to supplement surface navigation.

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The TrueTerrain Geospatial Stack

TrueTerrain Imagery

TrueTerrain Imagery

TrueTerrain imagery is created using L3Harris’ advanced photogrammetric tools and techniques, which merge and mosaic multi-source, multi-resolution satellite and aerial imagery from five centimeter to 100 meter resolution. Our TrueTerrain aerial imagery is orthorectified, co-registered, pan-sharpened, color balanced and seamlessly feather blended into high-quality visually pleasing orthomosaics that are custom built for clients. TrueTerrain imagery is delivered with rich XML FGDC-compliant metadata, cutline shapefiles with source data attributes and browse imagery.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Elevation Data

Elevation Data

L3Harris’ automated processes provide high-detail elevation data for both local and worldwide coverage. Our automated process provides a unique range of accuracy, completeness and surface detail. These elevation datasets can be delivered separately or used by L3Harris in the creation of orthorectified TrueTerrain Imagery products. Digital Elevation Models can be created using a variety of data sources (satellite, aerial and LiDAR).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

3D Models

3D Models

Available as high-fidelity, photo-realistic, textured 3D models or as 3D polygon files, our building models are the industry standard, providing both high levels of detail and accuracy. Derived from overlapping aerial or satellite imagery or LiDAR, models are available in a variety of output formats including 3D shape files, DXF, Geo VRML, VRML, OpenFlight, InReality™ and Maya ASCII. Large areas of coverage are possible using L3Harris-developed proprietary tools utilizing project-specific data or commercially available archived sources. Models are appropriate for demanding 3D modeling applications where accuracy, realism and precision are required.

Feature and vector data layers

Feature/Vector Data

Custom vector products are extracted from project-specific imagery, maps or archived imagery. Vector layers include both linear networks and boundaries including roads, rail lines, runways, buildings, coastlines, rivers and cultural boundaries. Both VMAP level 1 & 2, and AMDB ICAO compliant products are available meeting military and commercial specifications. Accuracy and level of detail are selectable based on source data used so that custom projects can meet a variety of user-defined requirements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

land cover classification

Material Classified Maps

Utilizing all available spectral bands of image data, our process determines the two dominant materials, as well as the relative abundance of each material, for each pixel in the dataset. Available at the same pixel resolutions and precisely correlated to our TrueTerrain imagery, the material classification dataset is ideal for creating various sensor views to accompany out-the-window views within the Simulation Image Generator. Material classification products can be used to create night vision, infrared and radar visual databases or for mapping high-detail, geotypical textures with real-world accuracy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Satellite and elevation global datasets

Global Dataset

The global dataset base map provides seamless global coverage with up-to-date and nearly cloudless satellite imagery with options from 50cm to 15m resolution.

  • 100% true color, pan-sharpened imagery
  • Seamless, color-balanced mosaics available by country, region or global
  • Optimized contrast to maximize information content

This unique global elevation product offers worldwide coverage at 5 m and 90 m resolution, providing seamless and accurate data that is ready-to-use.

  • Global coverage (pole-to-pole)
  • Landmass of the Earth (~ 148.5 Mkm²)
  • Advanced processing of all multi-source data
  • Available in DTED and GEOTIFF formats

“Well-curated pixels with compelling content is the life blood of any computer vision company, to include my team at CrowdAI. After evaluating multiple options for sourcing satellite imagery, we chose L3Harris. Beyond simply being competitive on pricing and licensing, L3Harris exceeded expectations by helping us discover imagery with tailored content and delivering custom post-processing to accelerate our outcomes. Providing downsampled imagery chips before purchase gave us confidence we were acquiring the data we needed. Furthermore, L3Harris offered flexible purchase sizing and were incredibly responsive from start to finish, delivering pixels early to need date (during the holiday season, no less). With this type of service and value, we are sure to be a repeat customer."

- Mike Foster - CrowdAI / Solutions Engineering

Global Geospatial Data Solutions for Simulation and Training

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