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A large variety of digital vector maps are available for purchase that include vector line, polygon, and point data sets for all areas of the world. These include U.S. Land Use / Land Clutter data, Garmin Digital Vetor Maps, AW3D Data Sets, major world linear and point features, and Energy Data Sets as well as access to detailed international city mapping.




TrueTerrain™ Airport Bundle Stack Delivers Quality Assurance


TrueTerrain provides a multi-use working dataset to supplement surface navigation.

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The possibilities for vector data are infinite, ranging from wireless planning, city planning, infrastructure management, disaster management, environment monitoring, to applications in public health. Cost effectiveness, superior quality, fast turnaround time, and the flexibility to support a wide range of formats is what makes this all possible.

AW3D Telecom for 5G

The AW3D Telecom is the perfect 3D dataset for any simulation of wireless signal propagation. Not only does it comply with many telecommunication operators' standards, thanks to its high-accuracy, it is also applicable for any other signal propagation analyses such as car-to-car communication in a self-driving system. We provide a complete datasets optimized for those purposes, including height values acquired from high-resolution satellites, and land usage classification based on sensors.

  AW3D Telecom Data Sheet

AW3D Building

AW3D Building

The AW3D Building 3D dataset includes the shape and height of building footprints by using the latest satellite images. This dataset is for many simulations such as telecommunications, asset planning, and analysis of the view.

  AW3D Building Data Sheet


AW3D Metro

The AW3D Metro 3D dataset is a precise 3D city model which has nation-wide or state-wide coverage. It is comprised of 3D vector models of buildings, vegetation, and bridges, and 3D raster data with 0.5m to 1m resolution. It is suitable for 5G network precise simulation, disaster analysis such as flood simulation, smart city planning, and many other applications.

  AW3D Data Sheet

AW3D Building

AW3D Airport

The AW3D Airport are complete eTOD (electric Terrain & Obstacle Data) datasets created from high-resolution satellite imagery, which is required data for plane’s take-off and landing procedures, as well as airport’s facility management.

  AW3D Data Sheet


Digital Vector Maps

Vector line features are very important to give imagery and other basemaps valuable attributes and reference. Adding labels, roads, watercourses, municipal and political boundaries and other features to base imagery can help better illustrate the location and impact of a project. Garmin continuously updates their worldwide vector data layers and updates are made available free of charge with annual or multiyear subscriptions to these data layers. Typical customers are large organizations that require an accurate and authoritative basemap upon which they can superimpose their critical business data. Examples of these types of organizations include defense & intelligence, mining, oil & gas exploration, and general GIS applications.

Line data: Populated places, geographic names, infrastructure facilities, airports, points of interest, ports, spot heights, dams, stadiums, power plants, towers, ski areas, amusement parks, exits and zip code points
Point data: Hydropolys, urban areas, landmarks, airport footprints, mall and stadium footprints, boundary polygons, land-use land-cover, rail yards, major geo features
Polygon data: Hydropolys, urban areas, landmarks, airport footprints, mall and stadium footprints, boundary polygons, land-use land-cover, rail yards, major geo features
Projection: Latitude/Longitude
Datum: WGS 84
Format: Esri File Geodatabase (FGDB) or Shapefile
Dates: 2007 - present