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Satellite Imagery Providers

L3Harris Geospatial has partnered with the leading satellite imagery providers including Airbus, DigitalGlobe, and Planet to offer advanced satellite imagery data for any location in the world. IntelliEarth™ will help you source data to support your projects. Can't find what you need? Our experts are standing by to help you find the best commercial satellite imagery for your large-scale project.

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Through our unique interface, you can quickly search a map or an area of interest to compare date, price and resolution from each of the suppliers. From high-resolution satellite data or multispectral bands of the WorldView sensors, to the largest coverage areas and mapping that the SPOT and RapidEye provide, we are the commercial satellite imagery experts!


TrueTerrain™ Airport Bundle Stack Delivers Quality Assurance


TrueTerrain provides a multi-use working dataset to supplement surface navigation.

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L3Harris Geospatial offers a variety of low, medium, and high resolution satellite imagery datasets for nearly every location on Earth. Our unique interface allows you to submit your area of interest and get a comparison of all available imagery including date, price, and resolution from each of our commercial satellite imagery providers.

Offers the greatest amount of advanced detail and is useful in simulation, engineering, infrastructure, telecommunications, precision agriculture, disaster recovery, and more.

Good for getting a clear picture of change over a larger area satellite map and is especially helpful in agriculture, forestry, and watershed management.

Provides a base on which to start projects and is a good tool for use in media and publication, regional studies, and mapping wide-spread trends.

Sometimes finding the image or data you need is easier said than done. If you’re uncertain about what type of image you need for your project, or a sensor doesn’t have coverage of your area of interest, we can help. Whether it’s tasking satellite imaging technology to get it, or searching through available commercial satellite imagery Harris Geospatial will work with you to make sure you get the right imagery for your project.

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