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L3Harris Geospatial offers a wide variety of in-house digital elevation datasets and has partnered with other leading topography providers such as Airbus, AW3D and PlanetObserver to provide multi-resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEM) coverage of Earth. We’ll work as your unbiased broker to deliver the right elevation dataset or create a customized product to meet your needs.

Quickly access elevation imagery and services.


TrueTerrain™ Airport Bundle Stack Delivers Quality Assurance


TrueTerrain provides a multi-use working dataset to supplement surface navigation.




Producing high-resolution, high-accuracy Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) and topographic contour data.

  Dense Digital Elevation Model Brochure


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We provide access to a wide range of Digital Elevation Models (DEM) that cover every area on the Earth. Both Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) are available at a variety of resolutions. A DSM includes features such as vegetation and man-made structures, while a DTM will have the surface features removed so it represents bare earth. For areas of the world with insufficient levels of resolution, we have the capability and expertise to create custom elevation data applications. We are also partnered with public and private vendors who are creating new datasets worldwide.


Sometimes finding the image or data you need is easier said than done. If you’re uncertain about what type of image you need for your project, or a sensor doesn’t have coverage of your area of interest, we can help. Whether it’s tasking satellite imaging technology to get it, or searching through available commercial satellite imagery, L3Harris Geospatial will work with you to make sure you get the right imagery for your project.


The possibilities for 3D mapping are infinite, ranging from wireless planning, city planning, infrastructure management, disaster management, environment monitoring, to applications in public health. AW3D has successfully established a highly capable ecosystem to provide a rich line up of 3D maps worldwide. Cost effectiveness, superior quality, fast turnaround time, and the flexibility to support a wide range of formats is what makes this all possible.

Global High-resolution 3D Map


AW3D Enhanced

High accuracy of 0.5m in both horizontal and vertical direction is realized with Maxar’s satellites. The product offers wide range line-ups of 0.5m, 1m and 2m mesh product at the same accuracy level. We combine images shot by several satellites and produce high-resolution 3D map. This provides digital terrain models with such high resolution that detailed variations in tree height can be determined.

  AW3D Data Sheet

  Watch Demo Video – Compare Digital Surface Model 30m, 2.5m and 0.5m Resolutions

  Watch Demo Video – Compare DSM and DTM Resolutions


Resolution: 0.5 m/ 1 m / 2 m
Format: GeoTIFF, DEM, others

Coverage Area On Demand

AW3D Standard

AW3D Standard is the world’s best global digital elevation model. More than 3 million satellite images are used to create the most comprehensive high-resolution digital 3D imagery available today. AW3D Standard is based on PRISM data acquired by the Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Development of AW3D Standard began in February 2014 and is the result of a public‐private partnership project among JAXA, NTT Data, and Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC).

  AW3D Data Sheet

  Watch Demo Video – Compare Digital Surface Model 30m, 2.5m and 0.5m Resolutions

  Watch Demo Video – Compare DSM and DTM Resolutions


Resolution: 5m
Vertical Accuracy: 5 m RMSE / 7 m CE90
Format: GeoTIFF and others
Coverage Map

AW3D Telecom for 5G

The AW3D Telecom is the perfect 3D elevation dataset for any simulation of wireless signal propagation. Not only does it comply with many telecommunication operators' standards, thanks to its high-accuracy, it is also applicable for any other signal propagation analyses such as car-to-car communication in a self-driving system. We provide a complete datasets optimized for those purposes, including height values acquired from high-resolution satellites, and land usage classification based on sensors.

  AW3D Telecom Data Sheet

AW3D Building

The AW3D Building 3D elevation dataset includes the shape and height of building footprints by using the latest satellite images. This dataset is for many simulations such as telecommunications, asset planning, and analysis of the view.

  AW3D Building Data Sheet

  Watch Demo Video

AW3D Metro

The AW3D Metro 3D elevation dataset is a precise 3D city model which has nation-wide or state-wide coverage. It is comprised of 3D vector models of buildings, vegetation, and bridges, and 3D raster data with 0.5m to 1m resolution. It is suitable for 5G network precise simulation, disaster analysis such as flood simulation, smart city planning, and many other applications.

  AW3D Data Sheet

AW3D Airport Datasets

AW3D Airport

The AW3D Airport are complete eTOD (electric Terrain & Obstacle Data) datasets created from high-resolution satellite imagery, which is required data for plane’s take-off and landing procedures, as well as airport’s facility management.

  AW3D Data Sheet




3D Digital Elevation Maps for Telecommunication


Highly accurate and detailed 3D digital elevation maps are especially crucial for designing 5G networks which use millimeter-spectrum waves that are highly sensitive to interference from natural and manmade objects. AW3D cutting edge technologies captures the detail required to build advanced datasets for highly precise 5G planning.

  • Geo data for radio network planning / RF geo data / 3D geo data for wireless / Geo data for 5G / Network planning
  • Line-of-sight analysis
  • IoT / Smart city planning / Connected society / MMTC
  • Autonomous driving / Autonomous vehicle / Self-driving / Vehicle-to-vehicle / Vehicle-to-infrastructure / V2V / V2X / eMBB
  • Smart manufacturing / Drone / Robot / Machine / URLLC / Smart construction / Smart hospital / Smart agriculture
  • Interactive experience by VR,AR / Real-time video streaming / Wearable technology
detailed 3D digital terrain maps


Highly accurate and detailed 3D digital terrain maps are especially crucial for designing 5G networks which use millimeter-spectrum waves that are highly sensitive to interference from natural and manmade objects. AW3D cutting edge technologies captures the detail required to build advanced datasets for highly precise 5G planning.

  • Large to medium scale mapping
  • Contour lines and feature extraction
  • Cadastral analysis
  • Change detection
  • Base map
  • Digital map reference
Digital terrain maps for natural disasters

Disaster Mitigation

Highly accurate terrain data and man-made objects information enables precise simulations of disasters such as landslides, floods, and building collapse. After a natural disaster, satellite imagery makes it possible to detect affected areas and quickly build a disaster recovery plan.

  • Disaster simulation (landslide, flood, building collapse)
  • Emergency response plan / Disaster recovery plan / Hazard identification
  • Detect disaster-affected areas
  • Landslide volume estimation
  • Disaster-ready facility management
Digital terrain maps for construction and civil engineering

Construction/Civil Engineering

With accuracy comparable to aerial surveys, AW3D makes initial on-site surveys unnecessary and can cover a wide area without the worry of flight restriction zones. AW3D is suitable for large infrastructure projects such as road and rail construction, city planning, green area management and dam construction, and is also compatible with major GIS software and CAD platforms.

  • Geological survey (topology, terrain, object count, land use)
  • Population estimation from building volume calculation
  • Infrastructure construction, land development (soil volume, 3D visualization, route planning)
  • Design simulation (wind/fluid simulation, sunlight simulation, line-of-sight propagation)
  • Approval process (3D simulation of after-completion condition)
  • Year-to-year change tracking
Digital terrain maps for natural resources

Natural Resources/Mining

AW3D provides accurate, detailed terrain site information faster, safer, and more affordably than an on-site survey. Highly rated for its accuracy in both vertical and horizontal directions, AW3D is also compatible with non-visible bands such as short-wave infrared (SWIR) making at the perfect choice to manage natural resource exploration for oil, gas, iron, gold and more.

  • Mining exploration
  • Exploration site selection
  • Exploration site management
  • Pipeline planning and management
  • Geothermal facility survey
  • Basin analysis
digital terrain maps for electricity and power grids

Electricity/Power Grid

AW3D terrain model datasets have been used in dam construction projects and proven to be effective for soil volume calculation, initial design phase and river slope analysis. It has also been used for power grid planning and management such as power line route planning tower management.

  • Power facility management and maintenance
  • Power plant construction
  • Power line route planning
  • Initial design phase (hydroelectric power station)
  • Post-completion illustration
digital terrain maps for transportation


High-accuracy 3D maps are a core element of an autonomous car system, yet less than 1% of the world’s roads are currently mapped to this standard. Combining image-processing technology and artificial intelligence (AI) along with its cutting-edge 3D mapping capability, AW3D extracts information including road lane, line markings, slope information and object height in a timely and efficient manner, at a low price point, and with uniform quality to support autonomous car implementation.

  • Self-driving (autonomous car) system map creation
  • Map updating
  • Road line markings
  • Road elevation, slope calculation
  • Initial design phase (hydroelectric power station)
  • Post-completion illustration
Digital Terrain Maps for defense and Intelligence

Defense and Intelligence/National Security

AW3D offers high-resolution and highly accurate 2D and 3D geospatial data covering wide areas with a short turnaround making it useful in supporting critical and timely decision making on matters of national security.

  • Map creation/topographic mapping
  • Situation assessment
  • Logistic support
  • Flight control
  • Diffusion simulation
  • Image processing
  • Actionable intelligence

Airbus Defence & Space offers a wide variety of elevation data options from their elevation product suite. Their data is suitable for oil & gas terrain analysis, military activity, and planning or updating infrastructure networks. Airbus offers more comprehensive elevation data options from both optical stereo and SAR data which provides highly accurate information for any location on earth, regardless of slope, location, light or cloud conditions.

  1m to 30m DSM & DTM


Highly Precise Altimetric Information

Elevation1 is ideally suited for any areas with little vegetation and/or no buildings. Elevation4 is ideally suited for any kind of relief (urban or environmental). Production on demand for your Area of Interest.


  • Accurate: Based on matching of very high resolution optical stereo imagery
  • Two Models: Digital Surface Models (DSM) including the "first surface" elevations & Digital Terrain Models (DTM) representing the bare Earth elevation available
  • Compliant: Suitable to HRE40 (E4) / HRE10 (E1) standards (military standards (NGA))
  • Tailored: Production on demand for your Area of Interest
Elevation1 DSM & DTM


Elevation4 DSM & DTM



Airbus Defense and Space’s WorldDEM™

WorldDEM™ provides a global (pole-to-pole) dataset of unprecedented quality, accuracy and coverage. The entire land surface of the earth has been captured by high-resolution radar to map the entire planet consistently, accurately, and completely providing the first standardized worldwide DEM. This includes remote, inaccessible and perpetually cloudy areas. The X-band radar collection method is independent of light and weather so every single place on earth is covered.

  WorldDEM Data Sheet

Resolution: 12 meter post spacing
Projection: UTM / Geographic
Datum: WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF and others
Dates: 2011 – present

Coverage Map


DSM Oxford,
UK (surface) 6.2 MB

DTM Oxford,
UK (Bare Earth) 6.8 MB

Large-Area DEMs at a High Accuracy

Elevation8 is derived from SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 stereo and tri-stereo optical satellite data and provides an optimized fit for the needs of mapping or oil & gas applications, particularly when large-area coverage is required.

The satellite’s optimized combination of wide-area coverage and high-resolution image acquisition, supports the rapid collection of imagery and delivery of products. The models are available tailored exactly to your Area of Interest starting at a minimum of just 1,000km².


  • Accurate: Based on matching of high resolution optical stereo or tri stereo imagery, up to 3m vertical accuracy at 8m posting
  • Tailored: Production on-demand for your Area of Interest
  • Two Models: Digital Surface Models (DSM) including the "first surface" elevations & Digital Terrain Models (DTM) representing the bare Earth elevation available
  • Compliant: Suitable to HRE80 (military standard (NGA)) specifications

  GeoElevation Data Sheet

Worldwide 3D Geographic Reference Database

Elevation30 is a unique worldwide 3D geographic reference database specifically designed for large area coverage, addressing mapping, GIS and military needs.

Derived from optical satellite data, merged with radar data especially over cloudy areas, Elevation30 features greater coverage independent of terrain characteristics and weather conditions.


  • Available: Available for more than 80 Million km² worldwide off-the-shelf
  • Accurate: Up to 6m horizontal and 6m vertical accuracy at 30m grid spacing
  • Standardized: Based on DTED2 standards (military standard) with competitive pricing
  • Reliable: Quality masks + specified to military standards

  GeoElevation Data Sheet

The PlanetObserver imagery and digital elevation model data are excellent sources of regional and global data. Each set delivers consistent results that can be utilized for large regional basemaps for any project. The DEM and imagery align for 3D project efforts and provide reliable measurements for any area on earth.

Up-to-Data, Cloud-Free Data

PlanetSAT 15m Imagery Basemap

PlanetObserver’s PlanetSAT Global Imagery Basemap is a unique ready-to-use global basemap layer perfect for all visualization and simulation applications, GIS solutions, both for civil and military purposes.

  PlanetSAT 15m Imagery Data Sheet

Resolution: 15m grid spacing
Vertical Accuracy: Down to 1:50,000
Sources: Landsat 8 for 40% of the world, Landsat 7
Projection: Geographic
Datum: WGS 84
Format: GeoTIFF, ECW

PlanetDEM 30m DSM

PlanetDEM 30 Plus is a reliable multi-source digital elevation product offering a global coverage at 30-meter resolution and providing seamless, reliable and accurate data, ready-to-use in all professional applications.

  PlanetDEM 30m DSM Data Sheet

Resolution: 30m grid spacing
Vertical Accuracy: Down to 1:50,000
Sources: SRTM 1 Arc-Second, ASTER GDEM v2, NSIDC, AGDC, CDED, cartographic sources
Projection: Geographic
Datum: WGS 84
Format: FTP or hard drive

Elevation Data Services

L3Harris Geospatial provides a wide range of high-quality professional and custom elevation data services. Our highly skilled staff of photogrammetrists, programmers, and imagery scientists will work with you to deliver turnkey, corelated data products on time and on budget.

elevation data services

Digital Terrain Models

A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) represents the earth’s surface without objects like vegetation and buildings. Small footprint stereo pairs with significant overlap are used to automatically generate 3D mass point terrain data and the points are edited using triangulated stereo images.

  • Highly accurate engineering grade bare earth DTMs from aerial and drone imagery
  • Automated mass point generation and stereo derived breaklines
  • Hydro enforcement and road flattening

Dense Digital Surface Models

A Digital Surface Model (DSM) represents the Earth’s surface and also includes vegetation and man-made objects.

  • High-resolution DSM at one post per pixel
  • High-fidelity DSM with sharp edges
  • Smooth building and ground surfaces
  • Utilization of multiple sources such as pseudo stereo and true stereo imagery simultaneously
  • Hydro enforcement and road flattening
  • High volume scalability

Spatial Resolution of Elevation

Map Scale Equivalent

Horizontal Accuracy (CE90 – Circular Error with 90% Confidence)

3D Mass Points

0.25 ft.

1:600 (1” = 50’)

1.5 ft.

3D mass points, 1 – 10 ft. density, and terrain breaklines

0.5 ft.

1:1200 (1” = 100’)

1.0 ft.

3D mass points, 5 – 15 ft. density, and terrain breaklines

1.0 ft.

1:2400 (1” = 200’)

2.0 ft.

3D mass points, 10 – 25 ft. density, and terrain breaklines

1.5 ft.

1:4800 (1” = 400’)

2.5 ft.


3D Terrain Elevation

TrueTerrain orthomosaic imagery can be draped over a digital elevation surface, creating a realistic 3D textured terrain optimized for realtime visualization and analysis.

  • Multiple supported industry standard formats available, including OpenFLT, OBJ, and more
3D terrain elevation











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